Cat MH3022 material handler på hjul

MH3022 Hjulburen materialhanterare

Cat MH3022 material handler på hjul

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With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - MH Undercarriage and 4900 mm/16'1" Drop Nose Stick 22550 kg
With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - MH Undercarriage and Straight Stick 22930 kg
With Short MH Boom (5350 mm/17'6") - MH Undercarriage and Straight Stick 22670 kg
Counterweights - Optional 4200 kg
Counterweights - Standard 3700 kg
With One-Piece Boom - MH Undercarriage and Industrial Stick 21815 kg
With Short MH Boom (5350 mm/17'6") - MH Undercarriage and 4500 mm/14'9" Drop Nose Stick 22240 kg
With VA Boom - MH Undercarriage and 2800 mm/9'2" Digging Stick 22685 kg
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed 8.5 r/min
Maximum Swing Torque 54 kN·m
Service Refill Capabilities
Cooling System 46.9 l
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 34.5 l
Fuel Tank 330 l
Hydraulic System Capacity 253 l
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 153 l
Axle Clearance - MH 2.55 m/8'4" Undercarriage 325 mm
Maximum Travel Speed 25 km/h
Creeper Speed - 2nd Gear 10 km/h
Maximum Travel Speed - 2nd Gear 25 km/h
Displacement 7.01 l
Bore 105 mm
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 830 N·m
Stroke 135 mm
Hydraulic System - Maximum Flow
Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 250 l/min
Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 49 l/min
Implement/Travel Circuit 288 l/min
Swing Mechanism 108 l/min
Hydraulic System - Maximum Pressure
Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 35000 kPa
Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 21000 kPa
Swing Mechanism 31000 kPa
Travel Circuit 35000 kPa
Maximum Dimensions - Approximate
Maximum Shipping Height 3620 mm
Maximum Shipping Width 2550 mm
Working Ranges - Without Work Tool: MH Boom (6.40 m/20'1"); Stick Length (4200 mm/13'9")
Maximum Depth 1485 mm
Maximum Height 11520 mm
Maximum Reach 10345 mm
Working Ranges - Without Work Tool: MH Boom (6.40 m/20'1"); Stick Length (4900 mm/16'1")
Maximum Depth 2185 mm
Maximum Height 12065 mm
Maximum Reach 11005 mm
Working Ranges - Without Work Tool: Short MH Boom (5.35 m/17'6"); Stick Length (4200 mm/13'9")
Maximum Depth 1655 mm
Maximum Height 10445 mm
Maximum Reach 9325 mm
Working Ranges - without Work Tool: Short MH Boom (5.35 m/17'6"); Stick Length (4500 mm/14'9")
Maximum Depth 1955 mm
Maximum Height 10680 mm
Maximum Reach 9610 mm



  • Powerful and efficient – Cat® C7.1 ACERT™ engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards. Emissions technology is transparent – no action required from the operator and no stopping for regeneration.
  • Dedicated swing pump allows faster and smoother combined movements.
  • Efficient hydraulic system provides precision and speed, while preserving fuel consumption.


  • Fuel consumption reduced up to 10%*, with no impact on your productivity to lower operating costs.
  • Built-in fuel savers eliminate waste thanks to Auto Engine Speed Control, Engine Idle Shutdown and enhanced Eco Mode.
  • High cooling efficiency axial fan keeps operating temperatures and costs low.
*Versus previous D MH Series.


  • Blue Angel certified with low vibrations and sound levels.
  • Options for specific applications – Thicker high impact and impact resistant windshields fulfill respectively the EN356 P8B and P5A standards. The Advanced Cab Filtration system almost completely eliminates dust entry and air contamination.
  • Great visibility – Large glass areas, LED lights for all working lights and cameras, with both displays split on the same screen.
  • Direct access to the cab is possible with the upperframe swinged thanks to new steps on the front and rear of the undercarriage.

Ease of Operation

Ease of Operation
  • Enjoy integrated technologies – They act transparently. Features like the Auto Brake and Axle Lock or Automatic Travel lock remove some of the tasks you had to do.
  • Smart technologies – They help boost your productivity while making operation easier; try the optional SmartBoom™ or Joystick steering.
  • Our cabs are unique – It's a cab just for you where everything can be adjusted, from the seat to the work tools controls assignment on joysticks and pedal.


  • Ground level access for routine maintenance items like fuel and engine oil filters or fluid taps.
  • Reduced maintenance – Automatic features like electric lift pump and lubrication system along with long greasing intervals.


  • Various configurations – A wide choice of front linkage lengths including digging, straight and drop nose sticks. The new 4.5 m (14'9") drop nose stick is a perfect addition for indoor applications while allowing transportation without stick removal.
  • Increase your efficiency with the front push blade to clear the ground from materials commonly encountered in industrial applications.
  • Various Waste Handling (WH) Packages options – The “fine mesh” package protects the cooling hood from dust and includes an engine air precleaner. The adjustable reversing fan and vibrating grill of the WH package add more protection.
  • Various attachments to tackle all kinds of jobs, from various grapple types to the 15 kW Cat Generator.

Cat Connect Technology

Cat Connect Technology
  • Product Link™ connects owners to their equipment, providing access to machine data such as location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time and events, and diagnostic codes.

360° Exterior View (HTML)

360° Exterior view. Double click on the image to zoom in on any area of the product.



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