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A continuous or emergency power supply is essential for your operations. It’s logical because your organization has to operate 24/7, not only to safeguard your own business, but also that of your customers. A reliable power supply is thus hugely important. No matter whether you work in a data centre, in industry or in the healthcare sector – unnecessary downtime is something you obviously want to avoid as far as possible.


Caterpillar generators provide a solid basis


A good emergency power solution starts with a solid basis. A Caterpillar diesel generator offers this kind of strong foundation. These generators are built to meet the most stringent standards with respect to reliability, durability and fuel consumption. Moreover, all Caterpillar engines comply with international emission regulations. With Caterpillar engines, you are assured of the reliable source of energy that you need.


A well-thought-out total solution


Regardless of whether you need an emergency generator set, solar panels or a complete solution for your energy supply, Pon Power will provide you with a dependable source of energy, no matter what purpose you use it for. But we do more than that. A team of experts will brainstorm with you throughout the entire process. We will take care of everything from design and installation through to maintenance. This approach enables us to offer you not only a reliable source of energy, but also a low total cost of ownership. And that is precisely what you may expect from us.

4Reasons to work with Pon Cat

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1Experience team and innovative technology

The Pon Power engineering team are constantly developing new product solutions to ensure a long product life-cycle, operational efficiency with lowest possible environmental footprints. We provide technical support and customer-specific maintenance programs 24/7 throughout the year. Our goal is satisfied customers who can rely on our premium products.

247 service en support
224/7 service and support
  • Telephone service and availability 24/7/365
  • Short response times on spare parts and service mechanics
  • Access to Caterpillar Worldwide Service Network
  • Warranty of parts and services performed by our authorized mechanics
  • Engine training and Cat courses
3Focus on environment and sustainable solutions
  • Focus on environment and sustainable solutions at all levels.
  • Operating procedures in accordance to applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • The engines meet all the latest emission requirements (IMO, CCNR and EPA).
  • We are constantly developing new technical solutions to improve our environmental profile.
4Low Total Cost of Ownership and high profit
  • Reliable quality
    • Caterpillar's robust engines are built for a long and sustainable life.
  • Extend life with regular service
    • Choose one of our service contracts and let us relieve you of service.
  • Technical innovations
    • Ensures competitive business advantages with reduced operating costs and the lowest environmental impact possible

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