Factories and industrial companies

3Reasons to work with Pon Cat

Wij zijn waar u bent
1We are where you are

With multiple servicing sites nationwide, there is always one near you. And you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for questions or instant service.

Betouwbare kracht en machines
2Reliable power/machines

The long-lasting and reliable Caterpillar products set the standard in our industry. The products are constantly being enhanced and modified. This effort combined with preventive maintenance avoids unnecessary downtime. You will not have any concerns and will be able to focus on running your business.

Reasons PENL - Hoge restwaarde.JPG
3High residual value

Thanks to the sustainable designs, advanced techniques and long lifecycles of Caterpillar machines and engines, you will enjoy a higher residual value for your equipment at the end of its in-service life.

Factories and industrial companies


Electricity is hugely important to industrial companies. Your production processes are sensitive to voltage variations and outages. If your processes shut down, you stop earning money. Reliable energy is thus pivotal to keeping your factory up and running. But which power supply is best suited to your company? Discover how Caterpillar’s reliable engines can help you and your company.


An energy source you can bank on


As an industrial company, you need power to keep your production processes running, day and night. But apart from reliability, there is another distinct goal: to keep your electricity costs low. The emergency generator sets of Caterpillar have a low cost of ownership and operation. They allow you to reduce your electricity bill and maximize your profit. With Caterpillar engines, reliability is assured.


Your partner for reliable power supplies


Are you looking for a partner to brainstorm with you on the power supply best suited to your company at the lowest cost? If so, Pon Power is the company to talk to. Besides top-quality products, we also offer you innovative designs. Our expert employees are always looking for cutting-edge solutions. Go for certainty, go for Pon Power.

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