Rental sector

3Reasons to work with Pon Cat

Meer dan 90 jaar ervarigng
1Reliable partner with more than 90 years of experience

Thanks to more than 90 years of experience (since 1926) as an official Cat dealer, we will assure you of services of the highest quality. It is no coincidence that we guarantee optimum system availability. It results in the lowest total cost throughout the equipment lifecycle.

2Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), high profit
  • Reliable quality
    • The robust machines and engines of Caterpillar are built for a long and sustainable service life.
  • Extend the lifecycle with regular servicing
    • Opt for one of our servicing contracts and let us relieve you of the work.
  • High part-exchange value
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rebuild your machine or sell it on the global market.
veel nieuwe, gebruikte en huurmachines
3Numerous new, used and rentable machines

As an official Caterpillar dealer, we not only offer you a wide range of new machines, but also a selection of used and rentable machines. As you would expect from us, our used and rentable machines are also of top quality.

Rental sector


Do you work in the rental sector? If so, you and your customers both depend on a good power supply. Your customers’ demand for electricity is a permanent need. Whereas standard systems suffice in many sectors, this is frequently not the case in projects in the rental sector, which often call for creative, customized solutions. Looking for an innovative solution? Discover what Caterpillar engines can do for you.


Reliable Caterpillar engines


You obviously want to offer your customers a good experience. Therefore, you need to avoid unnecessary downtime if at all possible. This makes a continuous or emergency power supply indispensable for everybody who works in the rental sector. Caterpillar engines ensure that you get a reliable source of energy, and they are also extremely durable and low in fuel consumption. All Caterpillar engines comply with international emission regulations.


An experienced specialist


Looking for a partner capable of delivering high-quality rental solutions? At Pon Power you get reliable diesel generators from Caterpillar’s XQE line in the power range of 20 to 250 kVA. We always have attractive Caterpillar models in stock to guarantee fast delivery. We know what is important in the rental sector and will be pleased to help you find the right Caterpillar engine(s).

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