Shore power

New solution for energy infrastructure ports

Environmental regulations in ports are becoming increasingly stringent and the pressure on the power grid is ever-increasing. This calls for a new, sustainable energy solution for ships ashore: shore power.


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Flexibele shore power solutions from Pon Power

With shore power, (green) electricity is supplied to ships at their berth in the port while the generator sets on board are switched off. Shore power reduces noise pollution in port areas because ships turn off their engines, creating a quieter environment. In addition, shore power reduces particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions which improves air quality.

Pon Power offers shore power solutions ranging from low voltage to high voltage installations. We look beyond the possibilities within a grid connection, because even when there is no or insufficient grid capacity, we offer a suitable solution to always be able to supply ships with electricity. We do this from initial analysis to installation and maintenance; we provide a total solution. A shore power solution that works now and tomorrow is tailor-made.


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What components does a shore power solution consist of?



1. Shore power module



The shore power module is an integrated system consisting of a container with a transformer and an inverter. A suitable module will be selected for each shore power installation. This will be done based on the required power, frequency(s) and voltage(s). From the shore power module, a direct connection to the ship would be possible. If this is not convenient or possible, a connection box will be used.



2. Connection box


A connection box, also known as a utilization station or shore power box, is a component of a shore power installation. This box is placed near the edge of the quay and can either be installed in a fixed location or movable. Through this box, a vessel can be connected to power (if necessary through the cable management system). The choice of the right connection box depends on the type of ship and the specific conditions on the quay.


3. Remote monitoring


Cat Connect allows you to monitor the operation of the shore power system 24/7. From your phone, computer or tablet, for example, you can immediately identify potential problems, gain insight into costs and resolve problems remotely.

More about Cat connect


4. Energy management systeem


Based on algorithms, the Energy Management System (EMS) calculates at what time which energy source can be optimally utilized. In doing so, the smart EMS takes into account, among other things, the characteristics of the power grid, any energy storage system chosen and the requirements of the load. You are therefore always assured of a reliable power supply at the lowest cost.


5. Cable management system


A cable management system is used to achieve a safe and organized connection of ships with the shore power supply. Depending on the type of ships and situation on the quay, an appropriate cable management system is selected. In some cases the cable management system is on board the ship, in which case only a connection box is needed on the quay.

Insufficient grid capacity

In situations where insufficient grid capacity or the absence of a grid connection occurs, the integration of a microgrid is being considered. This could provide for the addition of (one) of the following components: solar panels, energy storage system and generator set.

Our shore power specialist

Please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help.

Janos van Galen - Accountmanager Shore power

[email protected]

+31(0) 651 742 367

FRequently asked questions


What is shore power?

Shore power is a smart power solution for ships docked in port. Shore power uses electricity generated on shore instead of electricity generated by generators on board a ship. This allows shore power to supply the ship's energy needs.

When do I use shore power?

Shore power is used when a ship is docked. A ship must be powered even when it is in port. Shore power is a greener alternative for this than running the diesel generators on board.

What does shore power cost?

The cost of using shore power fluctuates and depends on energy prices. Investments are also required in some cases to make the ship shore power ready. This depends on the modifications needed. Want to know what the costs are and what shore power will get you as a ship owner?

Read more

Where is shore power available?

For inland vessels, there are many locations where shore power is available. There are several mobile applications for this. For seagoing vessels, there are no public locations yet, but this is something we are working on with partners!

When is shore power mandatory?

Inland vessels are subject to a shore power obligation when moored at a location where a shore power cabinet is available. For seagoing vessels there is no obligation yet. The ambition is to ensure by 2030 that ±90% of Ro-Ro, passenger and container ships can use shore power when moored in the port.

Why use shore power?

Shore power is a sustainable alternative to using the generators on board. Using shore power not only prevents the emission of CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter, but it also improves the living environment since the generators no longer make noise. It also has financial advantages for you as a ship owner. You save costs on fuel and maintenance and get a discount on harbor dues.

What is the purpose of shore power?

The purpose of shore power is to reduce emissions and improve quality of life.

What are the rules regarding shore power?

Of course there are many safety regulations you need to consider as a ship owner. Starting in 2023, generator bans will also apply to various ports.

What shore power connections are there?

A comprehensive listing of sockets and plugs can easily be provided by an equipment supplier to which the following standards apply:

  • IEC 62613-1: Plugs, sockets and vessel couplers for high-voltage shore power systems (HVSC systems) - Part 1: General requirements

  • IEC 62613-2: Plugs, sockets and vessel couplers for high-voltage shore connection systems (HVSC Systems) - Part 2: Dimensional compatibility and interchangeability requirements for accessories used by different types of vessels

Can I apply for a subsidy for shore power?

Yes, you can. The grants you can apply for shore power are: Just Transition Fund, Opportunities for West 3 and Shoreside Power Marine Vessels Grant Program.

How do I make my boat shore power ready?

The vessel must be electrically ready for shore power. For this, a provider of electrical systems can help.

Who supplies shore power?

Quay owners who have a shore power facility supply the shore power themselves. Suppliers for a shore power system on the quay and in front of the ship include Cavotec and Shore-link. Pon Power can supply the energy solution for your shore power facility when the grid connection is not adequate.

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