All crucial information in one place

  • Insight into your systems, incl operational hours and deviating information
  • Insight into your lubricating oil results from SOS online
  • Overview of work orders, including invoice data
  • My.Cat.Com is free of charge



My.Cat.com: all crucial information in one place


With My.Cat.com you have complete insight into everything related to your machine fleet at any location, on any device and with only one set of login data. That way, you can monitor your Cat installations, as well as those of other machine manufacturers.


What is My.Cat.com?

My.Cat.com is a user-friendly, well-organised online customercportal that you can access from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The portal offers everything that has anything to do with inspection, maintenance, user manuals, invoices and contracts. And if you use connected assets, such as Cat RAM, you’ll also be able to access current, real-time data about your fleet.


Why My.Cat.com?

The system uses data from your machines. You’ll find everything related to your fleet in My.Cat.com; easy to find and always up to date.


  • 24/7 insight into your systems, including operational hours and available deviating information
  • 24/7 insight into your lubricating oil results from SOS online
  • Overview of work orders, including invoice data - Information about fuel use and insight into machine and emission data
  • All user manuals in one place
  • All maintenance contracts in one place
  • Service letters


Once you’ve taken a good look at everything that’s available on My.Cat.com, you’ll discover countless new ways to use My.Cat.com effectively. And Caterpillar is continuously in the process of developing the portal.


Who is My.Cat.Com for?

For anyone involved in buying, renting, operating, maintaining, repairing and maintaining equipment. My.Cat.com helps you save time, work more efficiently and make better informed decisions.


Can My.Cat.com be used on mobile devices?

You check in by smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The system can detect which device you’re using and automatically adjusts the way the information is displayed based on screen size.



If you would like to know more about My.Cat.Com please contact your account manager.


My.Cat.Com is part of Cat Connect , an intelligent combination of hardware, software and services that help you increase the operational efficiency of your Cat system. 



Learn more on My.Cat.Com and SOS Online. 

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