Cat engine overhaul


  • Prevent engine downtime and malfuction
  • Extend the life of your Cat engine
  • Only with original Cat parts


Caterpillar engines are extremely reliable. Timely overhaul of your Cat engine is essential to keep your engine in good conditon and to prevent engine damage and downtime. Thanks to Cat engine overhaul, you can extend the life of your engines by up to ten thousand operating hours. Pon Power is an expert in Caterpillar engine overhaul and maintains thousands of Cat engines. To ensure your engines remain in top condition, Caterpillar engine overhaul is recommended. Even if there are no defects on the engines.


A well overhauled engine has almost the same lifespan as a new engine. That makes a Caterpillar engine overhaul a good investment. Cat engine overhaul ensures low fuel consumption, better heat output and smooth running of your engines. Pon Power is always available to maintain your engine. For Cat engine overhaul from just the top to servicing your complete engine; Pon Power is the right place for good maintenance. With thousands of engines in Cat engine overhaul, our highly experienced technicians know the machines like the back of their hand. We also work exclusively with genuine Cat parts, which we always have available within 24 hours.


Nothing is more annoying than being confronted with unforeseen costs afterwards. This will not happen to you at Pon Power. We always carry out a Caterpillar engine overhaul at a predetermined price. This way you will not be faced with surprises. With a Caterpillar engine overhaul you are assured of value for money in every respect: quality, expertise and speed.

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