• Insight into your system’s status
  • Prevents unnecessary downtime and wear
  • Keeps your engines in top condition

Preventive maintenance: TA inspection


The importance of preventive maintenance for your Cat engine is clear: it prevents unnecessary downtime and wear and helps you avoid extra costs. Needless to say, you want your preventive maintenance done professionally, systematically, and thoroughly. Pon Power offers two preventive services, both handled by highly qualified service technicians: the Technical Engine Analysis (TAM) and the Technical Electrical System Analysis (TAE).


TAM inspection


To ensure optimum engine operation, valves and injectors have to be adjusted after a certain number of operating hours. How many operating hours exactly depends on the engine type. Given that preventive maintenance on your Cat engines is always a wise choice, Pon Power has extended this service into a complete and thorough TAM inspection of the essential parts of the entire engine system. After the inspection, you will get a detailed report specifying any irregularities and advice on how to proceed. The TAM inspection consists of the following procedures:


  • Valve clearance checking/adjustment
  • Injector clearance checking/adjustment
  • Testing and setting alarms and shutdowns
  • Checking cooling water quality
  • Checking the turbo for excess clearance
  • Engine load test
  • Checking for leaks


TAE inspection


Obviously, you also want to know what condition your engine's electrics are in. The TAE inspection looks at the electrical system of the generator and the panel. All essential electrical parts are checked, tested, and adjusted as necessary. The TAE inspection is focused on:


  • Generator inspection using a Megger test
  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Testing the generator controls
  • Testing the generator safety devices


The results of the TAE inspection will also be recorded in a detailed report for you.


Benefits of a TA inspection


A TA inspection gives you clear insight into your systems’ status, which has several important benefits. Insight into the condition of your engine makes it possible to schedule maintenance accordingly. Preventive maintenance of your Cat engine will extend your engine’s life span, prevent unnecessary high expenses, and help preserve optimum product value.

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