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For those applications and situations where you prefer an electric drive truck Caterpillar now offers the 795F AC. The Cat AC drive system provides you the best retarding, braking and control in the industry. Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, the 795 is the first AC electric drive truck that is single sources from one manufacturer and supported by the best dealer network in the industry.


Engine Model Cat C175-16
Gross Power - SAE J1995 2536 kW
Bore 175 mm
Stroke 220 mm
Displacement 85 l
Net Power 2377 kW
Weights - Approximate
Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 570678 kg
Chassis Weight 202270 kg
Body Weight Range 38 500-54 500 kg (84,900-120,000 lb)
Operating Specifications
Nominal Payload Capacity 313 t
Top Speed - Loaded 64 km/h
Steer Angle 34 °
Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 570678 kg
Turning Circle - Clearance Diameter 38.7 m
Turning Diameter - Front 34 m
Final Drives
Total Reduction Ratio 35:1
AC Drive System
Controls IGBT Inverter Technology, air cooled, pressurized cabinet with filtration
Cooling System Variable speed, hydraulic cooling system
Generator/Alternator Brushless, remote mounted, dual bearing
Wheel Motor Rear axle mounted Cat AC induction
Effective Cylinder Stroke - Front 293 mm
Effective Cylinder Stroke - Rear 141 mm
Rear axle - Oscillation ±4.8°
Body Hoists
Pump Flow - High Idle 935 l/min
Relief Valve Setting - Raise 24500 kPa
Body Raise Time - High Idle 19 s
Body Lower Time - Float 20 s
Body Power Down - High Idle 17.5 s
Braking System
Blended Four Corner Retarding Standard
Dynamic Retarding Power 4750 kW
Electric Retarding - Radial Grid Design with Brushless AC Fan Motor 4750 kW (6,370 hp) rated power
Oil Cooled Brakes - Retarding Capable at All Speeds - Brake Surface - Front 132258.4 cm²
Oil Cooled Brakes - Retarding Capable at All Speeds - Brake Surface - Rear 198388 cm²
Oil Cooled Brakes - Retarding Capable at All Speeds - Outside Diameter 1067 mm
Oil Cooled Brakes - Retarding Capable at All Speeds - Standards J-ISO 3450 JAN88, ISO 3450:1996
Weight Distributions - Approximate
Front Axle - Loaded 33 %
Rear Axle - Loaded 67 %
Front Axle - Empty 48 %
Rear Axle - Empty 52 %
Capacity - MSD II - 100% Fill Factor
Heaped (SAE 2:1) 181-252 m3 (237-330 yd3)
Struck 121.5-211 m3 (159-276 yd3)
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank - Optional 7192 l
Cooling System 1100 l
Crankcase 310 l
Steering Tank 210 l
Steering System - Including Tank 300 l
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank 508 l
Brake Hoist System - Includes Tank 1500 l
Final Drive - Each 341 l
Fuel Tank 3596 l
Standard Tires Choices
ROPS Standards Standards
Sound Standards Standards
Steering Standards SAE J1511 OCT90 ISO 5010:1992


Power Train - Cat® AC Electric Drive

Why Electric Drive?
Cat® mechanical drive trucks are the standard of the industry and are favored in most applications. Some customers, however, may prefer electric drive for specific applications and situations.
100% Caterpillar
Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, the 795 is the first AC electric drive truck that is single sourced from one manufacturer and supported with the best dealer network in the industry. The 795 power train works seamlessly with the C-175 engine and offers you unsurpassed Safety, Serviceability and Performance.
Modular Design for Excellent Serviceability
The modular design allows you easy removal and installation of components. The engine, generator, motors, inverter, grid, and final drives can be removed independently. The rear mounted generator results in better chassis weight balance and is connected to the engine with an isolated drive shaft making generator alignment simple.
Superior Control Yields Excellent Operator Confidence
The Cat AC drive system gives you the best retarding, braking, and control in the industry. Class leading dynamic retarding coupled with full time traction control with automatic front brake blending at all speeds provides operators with superior control and confidence.
High Voltage - Lower Heat
The Cat AC drive is a high voltage system (2,600 volts) that operates at relatively low current. The result is lower heat generation and longer component life.
The Cat AC Electric Drive in Propel
The C175-16 diesel engine drives the rear mounted generator through an isolation coupler. The AC power is rectified to a nominal 2,600 volts to form the DC link. The DC link supplies power to the inverter where IGBT's convert the DC signal to 3-phase AC to drive the traction motors. Motor output drives the wheels through a double reduction final drive.
Cat AC Electric Drive in Retard
During retarding the wheel motors become generators. Motor power is fed back through the DC link. The power is fed to the contactor and chopper circuits and then exhausted through the radial grid. An AC fan blows air across the grid to dissipate the power and control retarding speed.
The chassis mounted 795F AC traction generator is a three phase, two bearing design. The excitation system is brushless which has longer maintenance intervals than brush type systems.
The inverter uses Mitsubishi Electric IGBT Phase Modules to control the rimpull, direction and speed of the truck. Mitsubishi Electric is the leader in IGBT Technology.
Traction Motors
Each traction motor is a 3-phase AC induction type. The high voltage, low current motor is mounted to the rear axle and is trolley capable.
Radial Grid
The radial design grid sits well back on the deck giving operators excellent visibility to the right side. The grid features the highest retarding power in the industry.
Variable Blower Cooling
Cooling air is provided by a variable flow system that adjusts cooling flow to the needs of the system. This allows maximum power to the motors for excellent propel performance.
Additional Features
The grid dry function dries the grid quickly in inclement weather. The anti-rollback feature prevents the machine from moving in a direction opposite the operator's intent. Grid power is continuously monitored. Front brake blending prevents grid overheating.

Power Train - Engine

Cat® C175-16 Engine
The 795F has a Cat C175-16 quad turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine that has enhanced power management capability for maximum hauling performance in your most demanding mining applications.
  • The C175-16 is a 16-cylinder, four-stroke design that uses long, effective power strokes for optimum efficiency.
  • Is compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission requirements.
  • The variable speed fan directs maximum power to the power train, saving fuel when operating conditions allow.
  • High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings mean you spend more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop.
  • The Cat Common Rail Fuel System is an electronically-controlled system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency. This precise and flexible fuel system gives the engine the ability to meet emission regulations without sacrificing performance, reliability or durability.
  • The flexible core design of the cooling system offers you long life, high durability and ease of service.
  • Air start system are ground level serviceable, while the electric start option allows the air system to be totally removed from the truck.
  • Your service technicians will appreciate the innovative engine layout. It provides good top end access with the turbo's grouped up front. Internal oil and fuel passages make for a clean layout that is easier to service and reduces engine exchange time at planned replacement. A sight level gauge replaces the dip stick.

Engine/Power Train Integration

Control Software and Integration
The 795 is simple to learn and simple to operate thanks to a control and integration package that works seamlessly with the trucks power train components. The 100% Caterpillar design allows the software developers full access to all subsystems, which gives the truck excellent operating characteristics.
  • Excellent slow speed control for safety within the service areas.
  • Excellent throttle response on acceleration to move out of the loading or dump areas.
  • Dynamic retarding with automatic front brake assist.
  • Automatic traction control in forward and reverse.
Cat Data Link
All computer systems are linked to:
  • Optimize power train performance.
  • Increase reliability and component life.
  • Reduce operating costs.

Cat Braking Systems

Industry Leading Dynamic Retarding
The radial grid is rated at 4.75 MW (6,365 hp) - allowing you excellent control of the truck speed in long retarding applications. The radial design is light, efficient and quiet.
Four Corner Oil Cooled Brakes for Additional Retarding
In addition to class leading dynamic retarding - Cat four corner, oil cooled service brakes give additional retarding capability. These are the same sized brakes used on the 797. The 795 offers exceptional non-fade braking and supplemental retarding at all speeds.
Traction Control with Automatic Front Brake Blending
If the truck senses any slip - the front brakes will automatically engage. The addition of front braking keeps the truck moving in the intended direction and the operator in control. This blended braking capability is an industry first and has been enthusiastically received by operators. In addition, the operator can select full time front brake blending.
Automatic Retarding Control
Operator controlled - ARC engages automatically and maintains speed consistently. A simple toggle switch is used to adjust retarding speed.
Control to Prevent Exceeding Retarding Capability
Built into the software is a Grid Thermal Calculator that constantly monitors power to the grid. When dynamic retarding capability is exceeded the mechanical brakes are blended in automatically. This will continue as long as necessary. Often this is a transient condition. The operator is alerted to take corrective action if this continues. The brake blending is smooth and seamless.
Brake Design
Cat oil cooled brakes are designed with large discs and plates for reliable and adjustment free operation. They are enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and provide long life.
Parking Brake
The oil cooled, spring applied, hydraulically released parking brake on all wheels provide superior parking capability on grades up to 15%.
Automatically applies service brakes to prevent the truck from rolling from a stop opposite the intended direction of travel.
Reverse Shift Inhibit
Ensures reverse propulsion is not applied when the machine is moving forward.


Box Section Design
The 795F AC frame uses a box-section design, incorporating forgings and castings in high stress areas with deep penetration continuous wrap-around welds to resist fatigue from racking loads.
  • Steel Structures - Mild steel used throughout frame provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads and allows for field repairs with common weld practices.
  • Castings - Castings have large radii to dissipate stress in areas of high stress concentration. Castings allow welds to be placed in lower stress areas for longer frame life.
Integral Four-Post ROPS Cab
Resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and sound, the integral ROPS is designed as an extension of the truck frame.
Suspension System
Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride.
  • Durable Design - Large diameter cylinders with nitrogen over oil design for long life with minimal maintenance.
  • Front Cylinders - Have preset caster and camber and are mounted to the frame. They also serve as steering king pins for a tight turning radius.
  • Rear Cylinders - Allow axle oscillation and absorb bending and twisting loads from the haul roads, reducing stress on the main frame.
Four-bar Link Rear Suspension
Directs a more even load distribution into the main frame - operators report a more secure feeling of the truck being well connected and under control.
Steering System
Single tie rod steering system is simpler and requires less maintenance.

Truck Body Systems

Cat Bodies for Cat Trucks
Integral to the truck the body is designed to fit with the chassis and work as part of the truck system. Each body is sized to meet the payload requirements without compromise to vehicle balance, braking or control.
Cat Body Choices
Body options include the popular MSD II (Mine Specific Design) and Gateless Coal Bodies. Liner options fit the body to the application.
  • MSD II Body - Based on the mine site evaluation of your mine, the body is sized and configured to meet the specific needs dictated by fragmentation, abrasion, cohesion, and the loading tool. This body achieves an excellent balance of payload and durability.
  • Gateless Coal Body - Eliminating problematic tail gates - the Gateless Coal Body is intended for dedicated coal haulage.

Monitoring System

VIMS™ 3G Monitoring System
Provides operator critical health and payload information in real-time to keep the 795 performing at optimum levels. VIMS is able to monitor information from all vehicle systems. 10 different machine parameters can be viewed at once. Data can be downloaded easily by Service Technicians for troubleshooting, planning and lowering costs.
Advisor Display
The Advisor display provides real-time performance, maintenance and diagnostic data to the operator or service technician. A large number of machine parameters can be viewed including temperature, pressure, speed, and payload.
Payload Management
Information is available to manage payloads to improve fleet effectiveness and loading tool match and to prevent overloading to help extend component life and lower operating and maintenance costs.
External Payload Indicators
Standard external lights or optional digital display to help loading tool operator reach payload target and minimize overloading.
Road Analysis Control
Optional system measures frame rack, bias and pitch to help identify haul road problems so they can be repaired. This leads to improved cycle time, component lives and fuel efficiency.
An Off-board software reporting program that allows your service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data. Health and payload reports can be generated for more effective machine management, which reduces downtime and lowers operating costs.
VIMS Supervisor
Optional software allows your mine personnel to easily manage and interpret VIMS data for optimum fleet management and productivity.

Operator's Station

Operator Environment
You now have the choice to select a cab with the features you desire. There are three choices based on popular arrangements. Available offerings include a Standard Cab, Deluxe Cab or Deluxe Cold Weather Cab.
Enhanced Operator Awareness
The standard Cat Detect system uses Radar and Cameras to give the operator audible alarms and visual awareness of detected objects at start up and low speeds.
Ergonomic Layout
To minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity the all new F Series operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment. Controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned for ease of use.
Viewing Area
Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area offers exceptional visibility, allowing the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. The air cleaners have been relocated to the front of the truck, allowing the operator increased visibility.

Customer Support

Commitment to Meet Your Needs
Cat dealer 24/7 support offers solutions, services and products to help you lower costs, enhance productivity and manage your fleet anywhere in the world. Expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, training, parts and tooling to keep your 795 running at high availability.
Product Support
Caterpillar supports the 795 with a worldwide network of parts distribution, dealer service centers and technical training facilities. Our global dealer network is ready to meet your support needs around the clock and around the world.
Service Support
Cat dealers offer a wide range of service plans to help maximize your uptime and return on your investment, including:
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Diagnostic Services such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis
  • Rebuild and Remanufactured Product Options
  • Customer Support Agreements
Application Awareness
Application and site-specific factors such as material density, loading practices, payload, speed, grade and haul road design and maintenance influence the cost to operate and maintain your haulage fleet. Your Cat dealer can provide help in understanding the effects application factors and operating practices have on maintenance and operating costs. They also offer training to help operators improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs and enhance safety.


Modular Design
Major components can be serviced individually with minimal removal and installation time. Work platforms and step/stairs are located in key service areas. Rear mounted generator is separate from the engine and can be removed without removing the body - wheel motors are separate from final drives. Engine turbos (4) are grouped in the front of the engine.
Ground Level Access
Grouped service points allow convenient access to tank levels, filters, drains and S·O·SSM oil sampling ports. The battery box, Auto Lube system and VIMS data port are also ground level accessible.
Servicing Ease
Bumper Service Center features lock out tag out, battery box and disconnects for battery and power train. Chassis filters for steering, braking and hoist systems are designed for 1,000 hour life.
Sealer Electrical Connectors
Electrical connectors are sealed to lock out dust and moisture. Harnesses are braided for protection. Wires are color coded for ease of diagnosis and repair.


Product Safety is a Commitment
Caterpillar is concerned about your safety. We continue to be the industry leader in proactive development of machines and features that exceed safety standards.
Cat Detect System
Knowing what's around your 795F AC at all times is important. The Cat Detect system is factory installed as standard equipment on 795F AC Mining Trucks. The full Cat Detect system, RADAR AND CAMERA, provides both audible and visual indications of detected objects. This system uses a combination of short and medium range radars which surround the machine, along with cameras on each side to allow the operator to confirm the detected object. The cameras supplement the radar alerts and are selectable by touch screen menus through an intuitive interface.
Integrated Blended Braking with Traction Control
Front brakes are automatically blended when slip is sensed to give excellent control in slippery conditions. The operator can also choose full time front brake blending. Front brakes are also automatically blended when dynamic retarding approaches 90% of its capacity. Front brake blending yields superior control and high operator confidence.
Standard 60 mm (24") stairways with an optional Powered Access Stairway allow easy and safe access and egress.
GVW within Tire Manufacturers Guidelines
At rated GVW the 795F AC is within tire loading guidelines for approved 56/80R63 and 59/80R63 tires.


Sustainability Features
The 795F AC Mining Truck offers continuous rear axle filtration, extended life filters and extended maintenance intervals which aid in decreasing the amount of waste contributed to our environment.
Remanufacturing Options
Cat trucks are designed to be rebuilt and have logged over 100,000 frame hours in many applications. Components are designed to be remanufactured for multiple service lives.
Engines with Advanced Technology
Engines with advanced technology contribute less emissions to the environment while maintaining fuel efficiency.
Advanced Surface Technology (AST)
Advanced Surface Technology (AST) is a replacement for hard chrome coatings on some steel parts, including suspension and hoist cylinder rods. This technology improves wear resistance and reduces repair time. Chrome has been eliminated to reduce environmental impact.

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