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SOS reports in the CSA portal


New from December 1st – SOS reports uploaded to the CSA portal


Pon Power’s laboratory for SOS (Systematic Oil Sampling) analyses, situated in Norway, is a top technology facility with highly experienced personnel. Every year about 80.000 samples are analysed in our laboratory.  Such a check gives our customers a clear engine insight and enables early identification of possible problems, allowing them to take preventive measures to avoid potential engine trouble.


The Pon Power CSA (Customer Service Agreement) portal is designed to give our customers an overview of operating running hours, overhaul history, budget planning, service reports etc. From december first, the SOS reports will be uploaded and easy accessible in the portal to provide better  engine insight to our customers.


Adding SOS analysis to the CSA agreement will provide:


  • Better prices on analysis
  • Fluid sample kits for every two engines in agreement
  • Enables repair before failure
  • Avoid costly downtime for the engine and for the personnel
  • Opportunity to extend your service intervals
  • Avoid unnecessary oil changes
  • Documentation towards insurance companies



We focus on the Condition of the Engine rather than the state of the oil!



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The Oslo premisis at Berger has a new and modern lab department. 




for any questions, please Contact our Service team!

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