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Poncept Explorer

Pon Power Concept Explorer is a digital portal designed for ship designers, with the intention of making the concept phase easier and less time consuming. With Pon Power Concept Explorer we can offer simplified 2D GA drawings and 3D GA models, as well as technical specifications and performance data sheets for you to download and import straight into your project.

Our vision is to make interaction time between ship designers and Pon Power shorter by offering simplified downloadable and updated GA drawings through our Concept Explorer portal. It will no longer be necessary to clean up or simplify the models you get. Simply just download and insert to your model.


The GA Models

Our 2D drawings have been cleaned up to an easy to use drawing  with one block, one layer easy to copy directly into your concept GA

Our 3D models have also been rebuilt to a simplified version without unnecessary details. This has huge impact on the file size and of course performance speed in your 3D software.


Account Managers and Sales

Pon Power Norway is based all over Norway, with a highly experienced sales team with great insight into all of our engines and genset's. If you have questions concerning one of our engines, or just want to have a non-committal chat, please find contact information for our account manager near you


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