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Pon Power AS

- Secures contract with Longyerbyen Community Council


Pon Power AS - Secures contract with Longyerbyen Community Council


Pon Power is pleased to announce that the Longyearbyen Community Council has chosen Pon Power AS as a partner for the construction of a new backup power station in Longyearbyen. Pon Power will deliver a solution consisting of 3 CAT C175-16 (3100kVA) generator sets. These are designed to meet the future emission requirements and will, among other things, be equipped with SCR / Urea exhaust cleaning technology to reduce NOX emissions.


The construction with aggregates and urea facilities will be built in modules and transported up to Svalbard for assembly into a complete power station with control rooms and service facilities. "RAM Arkitektur" will be designing the facilities with the surrounding environment taking into consideration. Delivery will take place in the third quarter of 2020.


"Pon Power has been present at Svalbard with Caterpillar products since the late 90's and we are proud to be re-elected as Longyearbyen's Community Counsil are increasing the security of power supplies to the city" says Kristian Dæhlen, EPG sales manager at Pon Power AS




Morten Dyrstad (Longyearbyen Community Council), Kristian Dæhlen (Pon Power), Veronika Özöğren (Pon Power), Carl Erik Gurrik (Pon Power), Hugo Olsen (Longyearbyen Community Council)  

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