Cooling water analysis


  • Handy sampling pack
  • Avoid engine problems and downtime
  • Prolong engine lifetime

Cooling water analysis


Do you want to increase your engine’s lifetime and efficiency? The purpose of a cooling water analysis is to make engines perform better and keep them in service longer. All combustion engines produce and release heat due to combustion, friction and turbocharging. The temperatures can reach up to 2000°C and can severely damage your engine. That is why it is essential to cool engines, Pistons, cylinders, bearings, lubricating oil and scavenging air. The cooling water analysis shows you how your cooling system is working. It identifies problems early and avoids engine downtime.


How does a cooling water analysis work?


The cooling system is very important for the proper functioning of your engine. But overcooling can degrade engine efficiency. A cooling water analysis works to your advantage in a very simple way. All you need to do is to take a cooling water sample using a sampler pack, make a record of the sample and send it to us. Our laboratory will examine whether the water exhibits signs of wear and tear. If problems are observed, you will be able to take preventive measures in good time. In other words, you will prevent problems before they occur.

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