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Enter the world of genuine MaK spare parts and authorized MaK service. Do not compromise!



Baltic Marine Contractors is your official dealer and service provider of MaK engines in the Baltic States and in Finland.


We provide fully certified service on any MaK engine and we supply genuine MaK spare parts to our customers, worldwide.


Our specialised service technicians keep your engine up and running year after year, with genuine spare parts and authorised MaK service.


We always plan our service to be carried out quickly, with minimal disruption of operation and we offer 24-hour service and rapid delivery of new and remanufactured spare parts.


We are a part of the Pon Holdings Group and we are represented in all major ports in the Baltic Sea area and in Scandinavia via Pon. In co-operation with our MaK partners, Kiel Engine Center, Pon Power in Scandinavia, Machinefabriek Bolier and Moteurs Marine Méditerranée, we always provide you with the best possible service.


service and support


When you choose our products, you receive our commitment to provide comprehensive sales and service support for the MaK engine brand. When you need support, you can rely on us to deliver complete solutions, wherever you are. Our targeted training of technicians, together with our experience of servicing your engines in the field, has led to the highest competences in Caterpillar’s electronics and control systems.




  • Using only genuine MaK parts, the main factor for ensuring the quality of your engine. 
  • Using only filters manufactured specifically for MaK engines to protect the engine and ensure maximum lifetime. 
  • That all maintenance is carried out by qualified experts to maintain high performance and operational safety year after year.
  • Following a tailor-made maintenance and operation program to reduce the risk of downtime and supporting the applications and needs specified by the customer and engine operation 


MaK Field Service


As a leading provider of power solutions, we know the importance of relying on an effective engine maintenance program so that you can protect your investment, achieve maximum engine life, and maintain engine reliability. 


Maximized uptime and a minimum of unscheduled downtime of your engines is key to our operation. To achieve that, qualified expertise is needed from trained Caterpillar mechanics, like our field service mechanics.  


We schedule, prepare and dispatch our highly competent mechanics to different locations when and where needed, while minimizing costs and maintaining the best possible service for you as a customer. 


Our service engineers will take care of a range of services:


  • Overhaul
  • Trouble-shooting 
  • Repair on site
  • Remanufacturing services
  • Mechanical, electrical and automation system audits
  • Machinery dynamics, measurements and analyses
  • Upgrades and retrofits 
  • Tenancy & overhauls


MaK Spare Parts


An important contribution to the MaK engines’ strength is that every individual component in a caterpillar engine is designed and manufactured to achieve the greatest possible durability and best possible availability of service.


We understand that normal engine operation subjects components to extreme stress and temperatures. Tests have consistently proven that the use of MaK parts (as opposed to competitive parts) greatly improves engine performance and reliability, and reduces overall owning and operating costs. 




BMC is aware of the cost involved in long lead times for spare parts for our customers. We are proud to be able to offer an extensive variety of spare parts within 24 hours, and usually even faster. MaK parts can be ordered on a 24-hour basis, and are sent directly from our warehouse in Holland and Kiel.




As MaK dealer in the Baltics, it is our responsibility to safeguard our own and Caterpillar’s warranty conditions to our customers.

This is carried out by our highly skilled warranty department that processes all warranty claims. We supply best-quality products and offer warranties on all of our products. We also provide warranties on the service carried out by our authorized technicians.


If you have a warranty claim, you can always contact us and we will, together with you, find the best solution.

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