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Construction and contracting


As a contractor, you encounter all kinds of challenges every day. Your projects are extremely diverse and the work is physically strenuous. The biggest challenge is perhaps to perform the maximum amount of work in the shortest possible time. But it is equally important to work safely and in accordance with regulations. This requires a lot from you, but also from your machines.


For your day-to-day activities


From erecting houses to building roads or a new company site – every day you have to carry out demolition and excavation work, perform ground-levelling work, and install or remove cables and pipes. To do all this you use machinery like bulldozers, excavators, skid steer loaders and generators. Caterpillar machines come equipped with ample standard functions. What’s more, they are expandable with functions like 3D machine control, Trimble GPS, Engcon quick hitch systems, and double air tyres.


Helping to increase production speed


Caterpillar machines obviously satisfy all relevant regulations. Moreover, you can rely on getting cleaner and quieter machines. Above all, however, the machines make your work easier and help to raise your production speed. Ultimately, that is what your work is all about. Convinced of Caterpillar’s benefits? With rapid response times, 24/7 service, online monitoring and expert personnel, we are always there to assist you.



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