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The next generation 3500E series engines

The next generation 3500E series engines 


Caterpillar has improved and updated our well known and well reputed workhorse with the finsesses needed to continue to be the leader for reliability, durability and low operating costs for this engine segment. 


So, what has improved? 


There is a new hard wrapped exhaust cladding for better and more durable heat shielding, and a new 2-stage after cooler. Internally improvements have been made to reduce fuel consumption, and increase SCR compliance. The new 3500E series features a 5-10% reduction in fuel consumption over the previous generation and comes fitted with SCR for NOx compliance.


To sum up some of the benefits: 

• Utilizes SCR Technology to enable U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulations compliance while lowering operational costs

• Utilizes closed loop air assisted DEF dosing control strategy that delivers:

• Highest efficiency mixing and control to lower operational costs

• Extends emissions useful life

• Flexible to urea quality


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