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Pon Power launches tool for ship designers




Pon Power Norway supplies marine engines to ship builders (yards). However, deciding which kind of engine to be used starts much earlier. When tendering for a new ship, the ship designer choose the engine type. Due to extreme time pressure, designers often rely on old plans and drawings, which may result in a number of post-engineering modifications. Pon Power wants to be involved prior to order placement, not only to be visible during the process, but also to reduce the number of modifications required afterwards.


Simplified models for the design phase

Poncept is a portal where designers can download simplified 2D and 3D models of all our engines. Our current 3D models are usually too complex for the concept phase. They also often spend hours cleaning up our 2D drawings and simplify our 3D models. A portal that lets you access technical drawings is not unique, per se, but we are the first to offer simplified 2D and 3D variants that are tailor made for the concept phase of ship design. The designers now have access to actual engine plans, which assists them in improving their designs efficiently, increase their chances of winning a tender, and Caterpillar engines are easily accessible during the process




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3512C Marelli_simplified_id5.jpg
Pon Power launches tool for ship designers
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