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PonCept - Changing the everyday life of ship designers

Making ship design easier


Since launching PonCept, a portal where ship designers can download simplified and updated 2D and 3D models of our engines, the positive responses has been overwhelming. People from all over the world have requested access, and we decided to ask some of the users how they perceive the tool and work with it.


One of them is Torgeir Hildre,  Senior Engineer, Design Department at Skipteknisk AS:


"PonCept is an excellent tool that makes our everyday life easier in the concept phase of our ship design. It is easy to find the correct model and the page layout is straight forward, user-friendly and informative. You get quick access to technical specifications, performance data, drawings and models.


PonCept has understood the challenges we are facing with varying quality of technical documentation. 2D drawings and 3D models are very well prepared with simple, lightweight models that contain only necessary data. Drawings are arranged in blocks with good insertion points and clear reference geometry. 3D models show clear "interface" and "service space" in addition to attributes with necessary info such as weight, centre of gravity, model type, versions etc.


Hopefully more suppliers in the industry will do the same and develop tools like PonCept"


Skipteknisk AS is an independent company of experienced ship design consultants. They work for global shipping companies, and design specialized vessels with emphasis on offshore research and fisheries. 


We would like to thank Torgeir for taking the time and giving us valuable feedback! 


Vessel illustration by Skipsteknisk AS


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