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SIS 2.0 now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Service Information System (SIS) 2.0 for Caterpillar customers. Caterpillar partnered with its worldwide dealer network to develop a technical information platform to replace SIS Web. SIS 2.0 is an innovative, cloud-based solution that builds upon the same legendary data model and will deliver Caterpillar parts and service information to virtually any device. Paired with a modern, mobile-friendly search and navigation experience, SIS 2.0 empowers new and experienced users to find whatever they need with fewer clicks.


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We can imagine that you would like to know how SIS 2.0 works. Please use the demonstration video's below to find out more. In addition a 'quick guide' is available via the button below. THis quick guide highlights the most important SIS 2.0 topics.

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