Cat AP655F Steel Track Paver

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Operating Weight - SE60 V Screed only 7495 lb
Operating Weight - Paver Only 35368 lb
Operating Weight - SE50 V Screed only 7239 lb
Operating Weight - SE50 VT Screed only 7363 lb
Operating Weight - SE60 V XW Screed only 8973 lb
Operating Weight - SE60 VT XW Screed only 9898 lb
Shipping Weight - Paver Only 34738 lb
Operating Specifications
Inside Turn Radius 1.5 ft
Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed 82 ft/min
Maximum Paving Speed - With Vibratory Screed 210 ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed 4 mile/h
Hopper Capacity 250 ft³
Maximum Paving Width - SE50 V 21.3 ft
Maximum Paving Width - SE50 VT 26.3 ft
Maximum Paving Width - SE60 V 25 ft
Maximum Paving Width - SE60 V XW, SE60 VT XW 33 ft
Maximum Throughput Capacity 1433 tonnes/hr
Gross Power 205 HP
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 73 gal (US)
DEF Tank 5 gal (US)


Fuel Efficient and Quiet

Cat C7.1 Engine
The C7.1 engine provides 151 kW (205 hp) and meets emission standards equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA.
Eco-mode utilizes an engine speed of 1650 rpm, reduces fuel burn and lowers sound levels. The machine is designed to operate in Eco-mode for most applications.
Automatic Engine Speed Control
When automatic engine speed control is activated, the engine speed is reduced to an idle speed of 1000 rpm when the propel lever is moved to neutral or to 1300 rpm when screed heat is active.
Advanced Eco-mode
Eco-mode and automatic engine speed control when activated together modify the engine rpm based on load factors. When activated the engine will operate at 1650 rpm when paving. If the upper power threshold is exceeded, the engine speed will increase to 2200 rpm and remain there until the demand drops below the threshold and remains there for 30 seconds, ensuring reliable performance.

Quick Starter

Quiet Heating
Quiet heat operates at an engine speed of 1300 rpm and provides heating in under 15 minutes.
Quick Heating
Quick heating mode provides a heat-up time in under 35 minutes when equipped with the wide-width paving package. Quick heat does not heat any faster than quiet heat when the screed is at standard extendable widths.
Temperature Ranges
Three preset heating options provide a wide range of temperatures for various mix designs; Low is 110 degrees C or 230 degrees F, medium is 130 degrees C or 266 degrees F, high is 160 degrees C or 320 degrees F.

More Control

Better Visibility, Exceptional Comfort
The dual independent operating stations can extend beyond the frame for good all-around visibility. The low profile, front-mounted cooling system improves forward viewing and the redesigned auger assembly optimizes visibility to material height in front of the screed. The heated seat option, multiple seat adjustments, and tilting consoles conform to the operator to provide day-long comfort. The top-mounted cooling system directs fumes, hot air, and fan noise away from the crew for a cooler and quieter working environment.
Fumes Management
The exclusive ventilation system draws fumes from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment.

Water Resistant Displays

Simple Technology
Technology helps operators perform. Intuitive symbols and large graphics simplify operation, while the interactive LCD display with touchscreen access to generator activation, screed temperature control, and mix height adjustment, improve efficiency.
Single-Touch Operation
Single touch features for the auto-fill feeder system, feeder system activation, and hopper control, allow operators to concentrate on other duties for improved efficiency.

More Efficient Delivery

Auto-Fill Feeder System
The auto-fill feeder system simplifies starts by alternating the conveyors and augers until the mix height reaches the sensor set point, eliminating manual activation and constant monitoring.
Single Touch Feeder System
The two augers and two conveyors can be activated automatically with a single button simplifying setup. Each auger and each conveyor can be operated independently when needed.
One Touch Hopper Control
The hopper wings and hydraulic apron can be folded with a single touch and release. The system can be tailored to activate left or right wings, or the front hydraulic apron independently or together.
Cleanout and Warm-Up Mode
This feature activates the augers, conveyors, and tamper-bar (if equipped) at a reduced speed, allowing the application of release agents to prevent material build-up.
Mix Height Adjustment
Mix height adjustment in front of the screed can be modified from the tractor LCD display for increased versatility when needed.
Hydraulic Mainframe Extensions
The optional 457 mm (18") hydraulic mainframe extensions attach to the auger assembly and provide smooth material flow out to the extenders. They retract with the screed extensions when reducing paving widths.
Multiple Feed Sensor Options
The feeder system can be tailored to automatically operate with 0, 2, or 4 feed sensors. When paving with 0 sensors due to a failure, simply set the feeder system to automatic and adjust the mix height setting, no need to cycle the manual switch as previous models required.
Easier Service
Hardware-free bed plates simplify replacement and bottom side mounting hardware for the chain guards eliminates bolt wear and material build-up for easier replacement.

Steel Track Undercarriage

The low maintenance design with oscillating bogies and large track pads provide excellent flotation and smooth travel.
The large 3048 by 356 mm footprint, self-tensioning tracks and bonded track pads offer excellent traction and durability.

SE-Series Screeds

Screed Heat Technology
Exclusive zone monitoring allows heating to continue in the event of a temperature sensor failure. The system also monitors heating elements for failure conditions, eliminating unnecessary replacement.
Easy Adjustment
Feeder system ratio adjustment capability from the screed provides versatility. Standard hydraulic adjustment for extender height, slope, and crown, allows for on-the-go adjustment at standard and maximum paving widths.
Two-Speed Extender Control
Exclusive two-speed proportional extender control provides slower speeds for precise control around obstacles and quick reaction when extending paving widths.
Simple Replacement
The heating elements slide out for easy replacement, no need to remove the screed plates. Machined screed frames simplify plate replacement and leveling.
Tamper-bar Screed Option
Tamper-bar equipped screeds increase density as it tucks material under the screed plates. Three stroke settings of 2, 4, and 7 mm provide versatility and has a variable tamper speed of 700 to 1800 rpm.
Wide-Width Paving Packages
Exclusive power controls simplify adjustment across the entire 10.0 m (33 ft) paving width for better mat texture and quality. An innovative design utilizes extender slope to attach wide-width paving packages, eliminating the need for additional lifting devices.

Cat Grade Control

Easy Operation
F-Series pavers allow Cat Grade Control to be operated from any of the two tractor or two screed consoles. Split screen mode can be setup to monitor each side of the screed allowing single person operation.
Precise Control
More accurate control, maximizes mix utilization, saves money. True averaging with sonic sensors that utilize 5 transducers, 2 readings are discarded and 3 averaged. A 10-point Auto-Calibration eliminates over/under adjustment from a single calibration point. Cross-coupling, slope and elevation are maintained with height adjustments. The true 9 m (30 ft) sonic averaging beam modifies tow point movement by 1/3 of total grade deviation.
Highly Reliable
Water-resistant displays, factory installed components, and consistent routing deliver performance. Sealed components withstand heat, moisture, and vibration, while the built-in temperature sensors provide better reliability than bail-type sensors.



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