Cat 297D2 XHP Multi Terrain Loader

297D2 XHP Multi Terrain Loader

Cat 297D2 XHP Multi Terrain Loader

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Net Power 106 HP
Gross Power - SAE J1995 110 HP
Net Power - SAE 1349 106 HP
Displacement 232 in³
Bore 3.9 in
Stroke 4.7 in
Net Power - ISO 9249 107 HP
Peak Torque - 1,500 rpm - SAE J1995 276 ft·lbf
Operating Weight 10918 lb
Operating Specifications
Rated Operating Capacities - 50% Tipping Load 4800 lb
Tipping Load 9600 lb
Breakout Force - Tilt Cylinder 7468 lb
Breakout Force - Lift Cylinder 6072 lb
Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight 5060 lb
Rated Operating Capacities - 35% Tipping Load 3360 lb
Ground Contact Area 2561 in²
Ground Pressure 4.3 psi
Length - Track on Ground 71.1 in
Overall Length - Track 90 in
Height - Top of Cab 83.2 in
Vehicle Width 78.1 in
Ground Clearance 8.8 in
Bucket Pin Height - Carry Position 7.9 in
Bucket Pin Height - Maximum Lift 127.6 in
Bucket Pin Reach - Maximum Lift 15.2 in
Clearance at Maximum Lift and Dump 96.3 in
Length - With Bucket on Ground 155.2 in
Length - Without Bucket 126 in
Maximum Overall Height 160.5 in
Maximum Reach - With Arms Parallel to Ground 49.6 in
Reach - Maximum Lift/Dump 30.5 in
Turning Radius from Center - Bucket (racked) 91.8 in
Turning Radius from Center - Coupler 59.2 in
Turning Radius from Center - Machine Rear 73.4 in
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Hydraulic Power (Calculated) 44 HP
Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Flow 23 gal/min
Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Pressure 3335 psi
Hydraulic Flow - XHP - Hydraulic Power (Calculated) 94 HP
Hydraulic Flow - XHP - Maximum Loader Hydraulic Flow* 40 gal/min
Hydraulic Flow - XHP - Maximum Loader Hydraulic Pressure 4061 psi
Power Train
Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - One Speed 5.9 mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - Two Speed 9.4 mile/h
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 4.1 gal (US)
Engine Crankcase 3.5 gal (US)
Fuel Tank 32.2 gal (US)
Hydraulic System 14.5 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 10.3 gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 5 gal (US)
Noise Level
Inside Cab* 83 dB(A)
Outside Cab** 104 dB(A)


Comfortable Cab

Comfortable Cab
Industry leading sealed and pressurized cab option provides a cleaner and quieter operating environment with excellent work tool visibility. Available high-back, heated, air ride seat with seat mounted adjustable joystick controls makes Cat Multi Terrain Loaders the industry leader in operator comfort.

Advanced Display

Advanced Display
Maximize machine capability and control with the standard Advanced Display providing on-screen adjustments for implement response, Hystat™ response and creep control. Also features multi-language functionality with customizable layouts, security system and rearview camera.

Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance
High performance power train provides maximum performance and production capability through the Electronic Torque Management system, standard two speed travel and an electronic hand/foot throttle with decel pedal capability. XHP hydraulic system provides high flow and high pressure that delivers industry leading hydraulic horsepower to efficiently run even the most power hungry work tools. Electronically controlled Cat C3.8 engine provides high horsepower and torque while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards. Cat “Intelligent Leveling” system (ILEV) provides industry leading technology, integration and features such as dual direction self level, work tool return to dig and work tool positioner.

Suspended Undercarriage

Suspended Undercarriage
Standard dual level suspension undercarriage combined with the Speed Sensitive Ride Control system provides better load retention, improved operator comfort and one of the smoothest rides in the industry. The dual suspension undercarriage features oscillating roller wheel assemblies that independently pivot to provide maximum track on the ground.

Outstanding Versatility

Outstanding Versatility
Broad range of performance matched Cat Work Tools make the Cat Multi Terrain Loader the most versatile machine on the job site.

Easy Service

Easy Service
Ground level access to all daily service and routine maintenance points helps reduce machine downtime for greater productivity.



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