Cat CB1.7 Utility Roller

CB1.8 Utility Roller

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Operating Weight 3538 lb
Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width 35 in
Curb Clearance 16 in
Ground Clearance 10 in
Static Linear Load 72 lb/in
Travel Speed - Maximum 5.3 mile/h
Gross Power 24.7 HP
Overall Length 80 in
Overall Width 40 in
Drum Diameter 22.5 in
Drum Width 35 in
Maximum Machine Height 94.5 in
Vibratory System
Frequency 3420 V/m
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 3057 lb
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.019 in
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.9 gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity 38 gal (US)


Comfort and Control

Roomy Operating Station
The roomy operating station with abundant leg room and standard, adjustable seat improves visibility. The seat is equipped with an operator presence sensor for enhanced safety and water drainage capability.
Instrument Panel
The controls are centrally located for operator ease and safety. Key controls such as drum vibe selection, water spray on/off and intermittent settings are logically placed and easy to adjust. The easily observed warning lights provide quick feedback to the operator.
The sloped engine hood enables excellent forward visibility and minimal side clearance creates direct sight lines to working areas.

Smooth, Efficient Powertrain

Powerful Engine
The Cat C1.1 engine delivers 18.4 kW (24.7 hp) of power. It meets regional engine emissions standards, has a pre-heat starting system, and is serviced and supported by Cat Dealers.
Cooling System
The cooling system with integrated water and oil cooler utilizes an aluminum radiator that provides corrosion resistance and reliability. Large space between cores provide efficient cooling and easy cleaning. The system is effective in high-ambient temperatures up to 50� C (122� F).

Maneuverability and Transport

Size and Steering
The articulated frame with sealed articulation bearings has a low center of gravity that provides optimum stability on asphalt or soil/aggregate.
The foldable ROPS facilitates machine transportability and can be folded forward without the use of tools. The short machine length allows it to fit crosswise on a trailer, while high ground clearance facilitates driving up trailer ramps. The machine is equipped with four lifting points for attaching an optional spreader bar.

Perfectly Matched

Vibratory System and Drums
The CB1.7 utilizes 900 mm (35") tandem vibratory drums. Vibratory selection includes front drum only or both drums for versatility on the job site. The system automatically starts when the propel lever is engaged.
Dual Drum Drive Powertrain
The dual-drum drive powertrain provides continuous full-drum traction on soft base materials, uneven surfaces and steeper grades. The rounded drum edge prevents cutting into mat for better mat quality.

Consistent Water Spray Coverage

Pressurized System
The standard 30 L (7.9 gal) tank maximizes time between refills. Eight intermittent spray settings optimize usage, while four nozzles at rear and front of each drum evenly distributes water coverage.
Easy Service
The system is equipped with corrosion-proof materials that are easy to clean. The spray bars and spray nozzles can be removed by hand, without the use of tools. The system is double-filtered system to help prevent clogging and a single drain port simplifies clean-out.


Easy Component Access
The engine hood and operating platform are equipped with lift assist for quick access and servicing. The battery and water pump are easy to reach with the operator platform in the raised position. External engine components, hydraulics and routine service points are grouped for simplified access and ecology-minded draining.
Effortless Maintenance
Large space between radiator and oil cooler core provide easy cleaning. The fuel and water tanks are also conveniently located for fast cleaning. The electrical system utilizes color-coded wires, all-weather connections and nylon braiding to provide reliability and protection.

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