Cat CX31-P600

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Engine Specifications
Gross Input Power 600 BHP
Gross Peak Input Torque 2025 ft-lb
Rated Input Speed 2100 r/min
Maximum Turbine Torque 2600 ft-lb
Minimum Input Speed 2500 r/min
Retarder Rating 535 HP
Retarder Rating Speed 2400 r/min
Electrical System 24 V
Gear Type Planetary Spur
Gears 6F/1R
1F Gear Ration 4.40
2F Gear Ration 2.33
3F Gear Ration 1.53
4F Gear Ration 1.00
5F Gear Ration 0.72
6F Gear Ration 0.61
1R Gear Ration -3.97
Overall Gear Ration 7/21




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