Cat CX35-P800


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Engine Specifications
Gross Input Power 800 BHP
Gross Peak Input Torque 2700 ft-lb
Rated Input Speed 2100 r/min
Maximum Turbine Torque 2700 ft-lb
Minimum Input Speed 600 r/min
Electrical System 24 V
Gear Type Planetary Spur
Gears 8F/1R
1F Gear Ration 5.73
2F Gear Ration 3.57
3F Gear Ration 2.72
4F Gear Ration 1.95
5F Gear Ration 1.43
6F Gear Ration 1.00
7F Gear Ration 0.74
8F Gear Ration 0.63
1R Gear Ration -4.46
Overall Gear Ration 9.10




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