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BMWT inspection


  • Meet the most recent safety requirements
  • Avoid unnecessary fines
  • Free when combined with a maintenance contract

BMWT inspection


Various authorities, including the workplace health and safety inspectorate, require equipment to undergo regular inspection by a specialised testing body. The aim is to avoid hazardous situations for you and your workers, but also to keep your equipment in proper working order. The BMWT safety test makes sure you satisfy workplace health and safety laws, but also meet requirements defined by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, VCA and all other safety, reporting and inspection requirements laid down by law.


How does a BMWT inspection work?


The purpose of a BMWT inspection is to avoid hazardous situations caused by circumstances like equipment wear and tear. During the inspection, the tester will make a risk analysis and you will receive the result in the form of a test report. If your equipment passes the test, the tester will affix an annual sticker to the tested equipment. If a deficiency is observed, it will first need to be rectified.


Advantages of a BMWT inspection


A BMWT inspection by Pon Cat has several advantages. The inspection takes very little time, for instance, so it will not impede your work. We naturally want to avoid downtime as far as possible. Moreover, you can have the BMWT inspection performed free of charge if combined with your maintenance contract. We will monitor your inspection schedules to avoid the imposition of unnecessary fines.

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