390F L Large Hydraulic Excavator

Hydraulic inspection


  • Quality guarantee
  • Single component testing
  • Minimal downtime

Hydraulic inspection


Quality is a key factor in your company’s profitability. When it comes to guaranteeing quality, we never make any compromises. Instead, we continue innovating, including with hydraulic inspections on our hydraulic test bench. We use it to test the efficiency of your hydrostatic and powershift transmissions, hydraulic pumps, engines, valves and cylinders.


Advantages of hydraulic test bench


Components are tested at maximum load. It is the only way we can guarantee the quality of repairs. One advantage is that components can be tested individually without having to use your complete machine as a test bench. This saves a huge amount of time. Understandably, you want to avoid your machine being out of service for too long. So that is our priority.



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