Lifetime Extension


  • Various inspections and analyses

  • Longer engine lifetime

  • Lower costs

Lifetime extension check


Optimum availability of your engines is very important. After all, they are the driving force behind your projects. But do you always know what condition your engines are in? Can you act on time to prevent breakdowns? Our lifetime extension check is designed to give you an insight into the condition of your engines and to prolong their lifetime. The check tells you exactly where you stand from a technical point of view.


What is a lifetime extension check?


A lifetime extension check includes a number of inspections and analyses for the purpose of preventive maintenance of Cat engines. You will receive the findings in a comprehensive report, accompanied by detailed maintenance recommendations. The lifetime extension check comprises:


  • inspection of two cylinders by means of a borescope: the degree of wear of valves, valve lines, piston crowns and lining will be extensively examined;

  • lubricating oil analysis: our laboratory will examine a sample of lubricating oil for traces of wear;

  • cooling water system analysis: the quality of the cooling water will be tested. Poor quality accelerates the erosion of engine parts;

  • read-out and assessment of the ECM data (Electronic Control Module);

  • checking of turbocharger play.


Advantages of Caterpillar preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance of Caterpillar engines will prolong the lifetime of your equipment. It is no coincidence that this check is called the 'lifetime extension check'. The check allows you to avoid hazardous situations, but also contributes to a better environment and, ultimately, reduces your costs. Prevention is always better than cure.



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