D7E Dozer Serviceability and Customer Support

Level 4: SUPPORT


The level 4 servicing contract is one of the most comprehensive servicing contracts offered by Cat EMSolutions. Level 4 SUPPORT includes:


  • Level 1: ACCESS. Access to VisionLink®, training and online PartStore™
  • Level 2: INFORM. Monthly online reports including benchmark data
  • Level 3: ADVISE. S.O.S Oil Analysis and condition monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance Contract (Basic and Plus)
  • Discount on repairs
  • Extended warranty



The proactive monitoring of your machines not only gives you an insight into how much fuel they are consuming, but also allows you to perform preventive maintenance. This will reduce your costs and increase machine uptime. If you prefer to outsource this work so as to focus entirely on your work, the level 4 maintenance contract of Cat EMSolutions is the perfect solution.


Preventive maintenance contract


Level 4 comes with the same benefits as level 3, but with the addition of a preventive maintenance contract. There are different degrees:


  • Preventive Maintenance Basic: Pon Equipment will perform preventive maintenance on your machines every 1000 hours. This even includes delivery of spare parts for the intervals after 500 hours. Preventive Maintenance Basic also includes an inspection package.

  • Preventive Maintenance Plus: every 500 and 1000 hours, Pon Equipment will perform preventive maintenance on your machines. Preventive Maintenance Plus also includes an inspection package.

  • Discount on repairs: if you take a five-year contract, a professional servicing mechanic will be available for your specific machine. There is a low callout charge and additionally you will get a discount on the spare parts that are used (excluding worn-out parts).

  • Extended warranty: as Pon Equipment will perform all the maintenance on your machines, you will get an extra warranty on such items as hydraulics, power train and certain engine parts.




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