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Connection power 48 kW
Diesel generator 60 kVA
Material feed - feed conveyor
Loading area width 1200 mm
Loading height 2800 mm
Stone fraction discharge
Design Corrugated edge belt
Loading height 2500 (option 3700)
Clean fraction discharge
Design Ribbed belt
Loading height 3100 mm
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
Transport dimensions central-axle-trailer 12000 x 2550 x 4000
Transport dimensions semitrailer 13900 x 2550 x 4000
Working dimensions central-axle-trailer 12400 x 5400 x 4000
Working dimensions semitrailer 13900 x 5500 x 4100
Total permissible weight 14.0 t
Throughput (depending on material)
Throughput up to 60 m3 /h
Hurrifex options
central lubrication, frequency converter for suction blowers, remote control, enclosure feeding conveyor and much more
Physics make it possible

The separation of stones and inert materials is based on differences in density and coefficient of air resistance. Material turning and air flow are critical for efficient suction removal of light materials.

Saving energy with hybrid technology

The power for the drives can come either from grid electric power or an onboard diesel generator. The suction and conveyor blowers are optimized for efficient airflow and draw only a small amount of power.

Clear discharge

The stone fraction is removed to the side by a corrugated edge belt while light materials are blown into two containers through flexible ducts. The input fraction to be cleaned passes straight through the machine, minimizing the danger of blockage.



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