AXTOR 5010

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Engine CAT ® C13
Power 354/480 kW / HP
Material Feed
Feed table L x W 5600 (3500 activ) x 1430 mm
Feed table height 2720 mm
Number of feed drums 1 horizontal
Feeder opening H x W 850 x 1430 mm
Shredding Unit
Drum diameter x drum width 1100 x 1510 mm
Tools 32 free-swinging tools or 32 fixed tools
Drum rpm 810 and 445 (option)
Material discharge
Conveyor belt L x W 4500/5500/6500 (option) x 1200 mm
Max. discharge height (Conveyor belt 4500 mm, 35°) 4415 mm
Transport dimensions L x W x H Trailer 10700 x 2500 x 3800 mm
Transport dimensions L x W x H Track 8720 x 2854 x 3600 mm
Transport dimensions L x W x H Semi-trailer 11809 x 2500 x 3814 mm
Working dimensions L x W x H (Conveyor belt 4500 mm, 35°) Trailer 15050 x 2500 x 4415 mm
Working dimensions L x W x H (Conveyor belt 4500 mm, 35°) Track 12378 x 2854 x 4038 mm
Working dimensions L x W x H (Conveyor belt 4500 mm, 35°) Semi-trailer 16174 x 2500 x 4439 mm
Throughput (dependent on material)
Throughput performance up to 310 m3 /h

The feed hopper is a perfect match with
the machine‘s performance and permits
stress-free operation.
No length limit and a loading height of
just 2.7 m on the Axtor 6010/5010 make
loading easy. For long trunks the movable
hopper opens in the front, while it
can be closed for better feeding of other

Active feed

High-end solution for the Axtor 8012: The horizontal and vertical feed drums and a wide sectional steel belt ensure active transport into the machine. On the smaller types a tough chain belt moves the material towards the intake. Since the feed opening, conveyor and hopper are exactly the same width, there are no corners where things can get hung up.

Shredding or chipping

In shredder mode, there is a free-swinging tool in each tool mount. In chipper mode, there is a fixed tool holder in each position that can take chipper or shredder blades. Conversion takes about an hour. The Axtor shreds at higher rpm and chips at lower rpm. Speed change is done by a gearbox.

Contrary-safe in chipper mode

The fixed holder can turn on its shaft, but is held in position on the drum by a shear bolt. In the event of a large contrary, the shear bolt breaks and the holder swings into the drum body, preventing additional damage in the shredding area.

Man and machine

The operating panel on the machine has a colour display that clearly shows all functions and the operating status. Colour-coded graphics help the user quickly locate the right controls for each function. The optional remote control has all the functions needed to control the machine.

Easy maintenance

Designers and service technicians worked together on the Axtor right from the start, to give it easy maintenance access few other machines can match. The Axtor is the only machine anywhere to combine an underfloor engine, swingout screen basket, easily accessible shredding chamber and individual mounting of tools on the drum.



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