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The 150 kVA model comes in two versions. The Stage IIIA product is emission-optimized and legally required on all mobile applications in Europe, while the fuel-optimized product is ideal for customers interested in consuming the least amount of fuel. Each model delivers increased flexibility by easily switching between 50 and 60 Hz, which allows one machine to satisfy varying load requirements across diverse regions and applications including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas and construction.


Rating 150 kVA Prime
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 127 - 480 V
Engine C7.1 Diesel Engine or C7.1 ACERT Diesel Engine
Fuel Diesel
Width 44.1 in
Height 87.6 in
Length 138.6 in
Weight 5615 lb
Fuel Consumption EU Stage IIIA
100% Load 50Hz 9.9 gal/hr
100% Load 60Hz 11.2 gal/hr
75% Load 50Hz 7.8 gal/hr
75% Load 60Hz 9.2 gal/hr
50% Load 50Hz 5.4 gal/hr
50% Load 60Hz 6.3 gal/hr
Fuel consumption Best Fuel Efficiency
100% Load 50Hz 8.8 gal/hr
100% Load 60Hz 10.5 gal/hr
75% Load 50Hz 6.5 gal/hr
75% Load 60Hz 7.7 gal/hr
50% Load 50Hz 4.3 gal/hr
50% Load 60Hz 5 gal/hr
Noise rating (with enclosure) EU Stage IIIA
Sound Power @ 1 meters (23 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz) 73.1 dB(A)
Sound Power @ 1 meters (23 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz) 76.4 dB(A)
Noise rating (with enclosure) Best Fuel Efficiency
Sound Power @ 1 meters (23 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz) 74.7 dB(A)
Sound Power @ 1 meters (23 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz) 78.3 dB(A)


Rental ready

Rental ready
Robust, durable product with a range of rental ready features to meet job requirements and applications.

Fuel/Emissions Strategy

Fuel/Emissions Strategy
Emissions Equivalent to EU Stage IIIA and Best Fuel Efficiency.

Cat C7.1 Diesel Engine

Cat C7.1 Diesel Engine
Industry proven reliability.

Cat EMCP 4.2B Control Panel

Cat EMCP 4.2B Control Panel
Easy to use digital controls.

Cat LC3114J Generator

Cat LC3114J Generator
Integrated voltage regular for fast response in demanding applications.

Robust Galvanised Enclosure

Robust Galvanised Enclosure
Inhibits corrosion in service. Prevents water ingress, provides security and sound attenuation.

Sound Isolated Operator Panel

Sound Isolated Operator Panel
Improved operator comfort.

Cat Connect

Cat Connect
Remote monitoring for fleet management and asset tracking.

Factory Designed, Built and Tested

Factory Designed, Built and Tested
Supported by an industry leading global dealer network.

Additional Options Available

Additional Options Available
Synchronising controls. Distribution sockets. Extended Service interval kits.



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