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Cat 444F2

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Nettoeffekt 70 kW
Engine - EU Stage IV Standard Offering
Bore 105 mm
Displacement 4.4 l
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 438 N·m
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - 80/1269/EEC 70 kW
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 70 kW
Rated Power (Standard) - 2,200 rpm - Gross - ISO 14396 74.4 kW
Stroke 127 mm
Operating Weight - Nominal 9606 kg
Operating Weight - Maximum 11500 kg
4.3 m Stick - Excluding Front Counterweight 199 kg
4.9 m Stick - Excluding Front Counterweight 354 kg
Air Conditioning 34 kg
Counterweights - Base 115 kg
Loader, IT with Quick Coupler 365 kg
MP Bucket (1.15 m3/1.50 yd3) - With Fold-Over Forks 927 kg
MP Bucket (1.15 m3/1.50 yd3) - Without Fold-Over Forks 767 kg
Operating Weight 9606 kg
Operating Weight - ROPS Capacity - Maximum 11500 kg
Ride Control 11 kg
Pin On - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Extendible Stick: Loader Bucket - GP 0 kg
Pin On - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Extendible Stick: Loader Bucket - MP 0 kg
Pin On - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Standard Stick: Loader Bucket - GP 0 kg
Pin On - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Standard Stick: Loader Bucket - MP 0 kg
Quick Coupler - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Extendible Stick: Loader Bucket - GP 115 kg
Quick Coupler - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Extendible Stick: Loader Bucket - MP 115 kg
Quick Coupler - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Standard Stick: Loader Bucket - GP 115 kg
Quick Coupler - Minimum Counterweight Recommendations - Standard Stick: Loader Bucket - MP 115 kg
Hydraulic System
Maximum Pump Capacity 163 l/min
System Pressure - Backhoe 250 bar
System Pressure - Loader 250 bar
AWD Cylinder, One (1) Double Acting - Bore 65 mm
AWD Cylinder, One (1) Double Acting - Rod Diameter 65 mm
AWD Cylinder, One (1) Double Acting - Stroke 120 mm
Turning Circle - AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Front Wheels 9.8 m
Turning Circle - AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Widest Loader Bucket 12.6 m
AWD Cylinder, One (1) Double Acting - Axle Oscillation 7 mm
Cooling System 22 l
Engine with Oil Filter 8.8 l
Front Axle (AWD) - Center Housing 14 l
Front Axle (AWD) - Planetaries 1.7 l
Drivstofftank 160 l
Hydraulic System 95 l
Hydraulic Tank 40 l
Rear Axle - Center Housing 16 l
Rear Axle - Planetaries 1.7 l
Transmission - Auto-Shift - AWD 19 l
Diesel Exhaust Fluid 19 l
Transmission - Auto-Shift
Forward - 1st 6 km/h
Forward - 2nd 9.6 km/h
Forward - 3rd 12.5 km/h
Forward - 4th 19.6 km/h
Forward - 5th 26.8 km/h
Forward - 6th 40 km/h
Reverse - 1st 6 km/h
Reverse - 2nd 12.5 km/h
Reverse - 3rd 27.2 km/h
Transmission - Auto-Shift* (Lock-Up)
Forward - 1st 6 km/h
Forward - 2nd 9.6 km/h
Forward - 3rd 12.5 km/h
Forward - 4th 19.6 km/h
Forward - 5th 25.5 km/h
Forward - 6th 40 km/h
Reverse - 1st 6 km/h
Reverse - 2nd 12.5 km/h
Reverse - 3rd 27.2 km/h
Cat® C4.4 ACERT™ Engine - Optional
Gross Power - ISO 14396 82 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 77.6 kW
Cat® C4.4 ACERT™ Engine - Standard
Gross Power - ISO 14396 74.4 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 70 kW
Axle Ratings
Front Axle (AWD) - Dynamic 9186 kg
Front Axle (AWD) - Static 22964 kg
Rear Axle - Dynamic 9186 kg
Rear Axle - Static 22964 kg
Backhoe Digging Depth
Digging Depth - SAE Maximum - E-Stick Extended - 4.26 m 5312 mm
Digging Depth - SAE Maximum - E-Stick Extended - 4.87 m 5707 mm
Digging Depth - SAE Maximum - E-Stick Retracted - 4.26 m 4335 mm
Digging Depth - SAE Maximum - E-Stick Retracted - 4.87 m 4686 mm
Digging Depth - SAE Maximum - Standard Stick 4331 mm
Engine - EU Stage IV Optional Offering
Bore 105 mm
Displacement 4.4 l
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 439 N·m
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - 80/1269/EEC 77.6 kW
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 77.6 kW
Rated Power (Standard) - 2,200 rpm - Gross - ISO 14396 82 kW
Stroke 127 mm
Noise Level
Inside Cab 74 dB(A)
Outside Cab 100 dB(A)


Operator Station

The Class Leading Operator Environment Just Got Better
  • 74 d(B)A internal sound level across the range no matter the engine option.
  • Heated seat to keep the operator warm no matter what the conditions are.
  • Fantastic layout of switches and controls provide an ergonomic and comfortable operating environment all day long.
  • Cat backhoe control pods provide infinite adjustment on a 4 way axis allowing the operator to position the controls in the most comfortable position for them.
  • An all new information display cluster will allow the operator to access information about the machines health and the new trip computer will provide performance information.
  • A redesigned roof cap provides the operator with superior visibility to the loader at maximum dump height, from the comfort of the seat.
  • The A-post mounted exhaust allows great forward visibility. The exhaust has also been angled backwards, parallel to the A-Post, to minimize any impact on visibility.
  • Secure your investment with the Cat Backhoe Loader security system designed specifically for the Cat backhoe loader, this device will keep your investment secure, while providing easy access for up to 25 specified people.
  • The loader control now gives you more power at your fingertips. Differential lock, forward, neutral and reverse switch, kickout and auxiliary control.
The 444F2 is fitted with Pilot controls providing low effort operation, with the ability to switch between ISO (Excavator) or SAE (Backhoe) control patterns with the press of a button. Providing easy and safe operation for operators of any experience or ability.

Power Train

The Proven C4.4 ACERT Engine Delivers Reliable Power on Demand
  • A choice of 74.5 kW or 82 kW.
  • Outstanding fuel economy, contributes to low owning and operating costs.
  • A robust aftertreatment solution to reduce emissions without compromising performance.
  • To meet EU Stage IV emission standards the Cat Backhoe Loader utilizes the latest emissions technology available, including Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
ECO Mode
The F2 Series of Cat Backhoe Loaders have an all new Advanced Power Management System (APMS)
  • The APMS allows the operator to set the machine to ECO mode providing excellent fuel savings.
  • Providing the perfect balance between power and economy, the APMS enables fuel saving with no impact on productivity.
Axles and Differential Lock
The F2 Series of Cat Backhoe Loaders boast Heavy Duty Cat Axles
  • Providing high durability, low noise levels and superb traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Three chamber system provide constant lubrication of the heavy duty running gear and bearings on all gradients.
  • 100% locking differential is fitted as standard on the Cat Backhoe Loader ensuring maximum traction in all conditions.
  • The 444F2 is an equal sized tire machine which delivers many additional benefits: Flotation and low ground pressure, increased loader performance and all wheel steer.
Power Shift Transmission
This six speed transmission will perfectly match itself to the application, carefully selecting the appropriate gear whether you're driving between job sites or using the loader function. Now the gear box has been tweaked, smoothing gear shifts and extending the top gear providing a more efficient and comfortable driving experience.
Torque Lock-Up
The lock-up torque converter provides a direct ratio between power pack and driveline when in the roading gears. This results in a 16% decrease in fuel consumption and an 11% increased average speed. The lock-up torque converter is an invaluable addition for those traveling between job sites.


Powerful Load Sensing Hydraulic System
Intelligent hydraulics provide the right amount of power at the right time. Load sensing, closed center hydraulic system, actively matches hydraulic power and flow, allowing full hydraulic forces at any engine speed.
  • Flow-sharing valves actively manage the flow of oil between each function of the machine. When the operator demands multiple operations the machine responds, providing smooth, effortless operation.
  • Electronic Torque Limiter on the machine helps to provide perfect synchronization between the engine, transmission and hydraulic system.
  • Cat Backhoe Loaders have always provided a superior solution and this machine is no different. A high capacity variable displacement piston pump allows for perfect matching of power and operator demand, providing power when it is needed as well as great fuel economy.
  • The operator has the ability to adjust the flow to the auxiliary lines. This means the machine can be tailored to the operators preference or to perfectly match machine and work tool.

Parallel Lift Loader

Loader Performance
The proven design of the F2 loader provides ultimate performance. This machine makes light work of lifting and loading.
  • Parallel lift loader arms offer excellent forward visibility and self leveling, ensuring excellent material retention throughout the lift and lower cycles.
  • Ride Control option offers loader suspension to improve ride comfort when moving around the job site or transporting the machine on the road. There is also the added benefit of increased material retention providing an invaluable boost in productivity.
  • The Return to Dig system returns the bucket to level, great for applications with repetitive work cycles.
  • An optional hydraulic Quick Coupler provides safe and simple exchange of work tools. The quick coupler also allows access to a wider range of Cat Work Tools.


Excavator Style Backhoe
Whether close-up truck loading or digging over obstacles, the iconic excavator style boom tackles the toughest jobs with ease. Combine this versatility with powerful breakout forces, controllability, a flow-sharing hydraulic system and the 444F2 is capable of high levels of productivity with minimum effort. The boom is a narrow design that ensures maximum visibility to the work tool and ground with the addition of a 4.3 m or 4.9 m stick option.
Extendible Stick
The 444F2 is available with an extendible stick that increases dig depth and reach capability increasing the machines versatility and utilization, reducing the amount of machine repositioning and therefore reducing site damage. A sliding inner section design helps to ensure the wear pads remain as dirt free as possible, extending adjustment and replacement intervals. Auxiliary lines, for operating hydraulic work tools, have been routed so that they are protected from damage when working in the narrowest of trenches.
Side Shift Frame
The F2 Series Side Shift Frame has exterior locking clamps, with no disassembly needed when servicing. The frame is a solid design with E-Coat protection, this prevents material build up in the frame and reduces the risk of rust, increasing the life of the frame.
Cat Cushion Swing
The 444F2 is equipped with Cat Cushion Swing, which enables very fast trenching by damping the boom oscillation during trenching cycles.
Powered Side Shift (optional)
Provides a hydraulic service to allow the operator to easily position the backhoe across the full width of the Side Shift Frame. Ideal for use in areas with minimal space and utility applications such as gas, electrical, and telecoms.

Work Tools

Loader – Loader Buckets
General Purpose loader buckets are available as well as the hydraulically operated Multi Purpose bucket. These come in a range of sizes from 0.96 m3 to 1.3 m3.
Loader – Other Available Tools Include:
  • Brooms
  • Material Handling Arms
  • Truss Booms
  • Forks
  • Blades
Backhoe – Excavating Buckets
Cat Work Tools provide a range of buckets in various sizes. It is easy to find the correct bucket for the environment with a range including:
  • Standard Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • High Capacity
  • Rock
  • Ditching
Backhoe – Other Available Backhoe Tools Include:
  • Cold Planers
  • Hammers
  • Augers
  • Vibratory Compaction Plates
Backhoe – Backhoe Quick Coupler
Manual or Hydraulic backhoe couplers make rear tool exchange quick, easy and safe. New Cat dual lock couplers have a self adjusting wedge design to ensure a tight fit. They also feature a safety lock which automatically engages.


Daily Service Points
Caterpillar understands that the easier a task is the more likely it is to be done. We have ensured that servicing the Cat Backhoe Loader is as simple as it can be. All daily check points are grouped together and are easy to access. Sealed for life axles and driveshafts remove the need for operators to grease the time consuming and awkward areas below the machine.
Hinged Cooling Pack
The hood opens to reveal the engine and a unique to Cat hinged cooling pack. The air conditioning pack lifts up and the radiator tilts forward with no tooling required, giving easy access for debris removal whether you are in the workshop or on a job site, keeping cooling performance to an optimum.
Wear Pad Adjustments
The Extendible Stick (E-Stick) is designed to be self lubricating, to minimize the need for operator interaction. The stabilizers and E-Stick all have easily adjustable wear pads that require no disassembly. When wear pad adjustments are necessary, the adjustment bolts are easy to access, taking minutes to complete the adjustment.
Cat Filters
All Cat filters are vertically mounted for spill free servicing and reduced oil contamination. These low micron filters remove microscopic particles from the oil, keeping the engine, transmission and hydraulic system running smoothly for years.

Customer Support

Customer Support Agreements
Your Cat dealer can offer a comprehensive range of CSA's which can be individually tailored to suit your finances and requirements. Dealers can offer a range of options from a full preventative maintenance with S.O.SSM package to a parts only CSA. Protect your valuable investment and know exactly what your monthly payments will be to help you run your business.
Have you explored the range of options available from your dealer to finance your machine? They can offer a selection of attractive packages tailored to suit your every requirement.
Machine Selection
Your dealer can help you with your machine purchase decision, based on your requirements and help keep operating costs to a minimum. Is the machine you have in mind exactly the best for your job, or could there be a more suitable solution?
Training and Support
Speak to your dealer about additional support. They can advise you on operating techniques for your machines which will minimize wear and tear, maximize productivity, lower owning and operating costs and help you make the most of the fantastic features offered on the Cat Backhoe Loaders.



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