Cat WS305 XD

WS305 XD

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Pump Specifications
Maximum Input 2237 bkW
Maximum RPM 275 r/min
Number of Plungers 5
Stroke - Length 254 mm
Pump Weight 10886 kg
Gear Ratio 5.55:1


Benefits - Fluid Ends

Benefits - Fluid Ends
• Valve-over-valve design simplifies valve, seat, and plunger installation • Full line of 1502 discharge flanges - male, female, and blank • Zoomie or Log-style suction manifold available • Grooveless valve stop; grooveless design eliminates stress risers present with a grooved valve stop design • Plungers with advanced surface technology • Premium plunger packing • Polypak seals for more reliable sealing at suction cover and discharge flanges • Fluid end components designed to maximize interchangeability across our fluid end line and with industry standard fluid ends • Optimized autofrettage process

Benefits - Power Ends

Benefits - Power Ends
• Reverse helical pinion and bull gear design - great reliability • Fully welded structure with additional internal supports • Two-piece stay rod design - pretensioned stay rod lowers cyclic loading and fatigue stress • Nose plate-to-frame design includes a dovetail interlocking design, which increases the structural strength • Forged or fabricated bull gears - no cast material • Forged crankshaft - one piece

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