Cat TH417D

TH314D Teleskoplastare

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Bore 98 mm
Stroke 120 mm
Displacement 3.6 l
Operating Weight - With Carriage and Forks 10095 kg
Operating Specifications
Rated Load Capacity 4000 kg
Maximum Lift Height 17000 mm
Maximum Forward Reach 12.75 m
Top Travel Speed 20 km/h
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Down 2500 kg
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Up 500 kg
Load at Maximum Reach - Stabilizers Down 500 kg
Load at Maximum Reach - Stabilizers Up 0 kg
Maximum Lift Height - Stabilizers Down 17 m
Maximum Lift Height - Stabilizers Up 15.75 m
Outside Turning Radius - Over Tires 3.9 m
Hydraulic System
Maximum System Pressure 270 bar
Maximum Pump Flow 100 l/min
Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply 95 l/min
Drivstofftank 150 l
Hydraulic Tank 102 l
Boom Performance
Bucket Breakout Force - ISO 8313 72 kN
Drawbar Pull 55.4 kW 85 kN
Boom Breakout Force 72 kN
Transmission Speeds
Forward - 1 5 km/h
Forward - 2 10 km/h
Forward - 3 20 km/h
Reverse - 1 5 km/h
Reverse - 2 10 km/h
Reverse - 3 20 km/h
Exterior Sound - 55.4 kW Engine 104 dB(A)
Operator Sound 80 dB(A)


Powerful Hydraulics

Powerful Hydraulics
The chain driven boom and excellent hydraulic flow allow the operator to work efficiently and safely. Raising and lowering as well as extending and retracting the boom can be done quickly.


With excellent stability, ground clearance and guarding, the vital components of the machine are well protected from potential damage. Maintenance is easy with an accessible engine, simple to change service parts and easy access lubrication points.


An ergonomic cab design featuring an LED dash display, multi-function joystick and comfortable seating options, ensures the operator has everything they need. Superb stability and smooth F-N-R changes provide the most comfortable ride possible.


The seated position within the cab allows for good visibility to the front work tool and stabilizers.



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