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CAT Engine Training 

To meet your specific training requirements Pon Cat offers training courses in The Netherlands that teaches you and your crew the use and maintenance of your Cat products.

Engine Training


As technology continues to enhance our world, we are, together with Caterpillar, constantly developing and refining advanced technologies. These products, along with the extensive training offered, provide everything you need to maximize the performance of your engines, reduce costly downtime, increase your ROI, improve safety in your workplace, and much more.


Examples of the courses provided


  • Cat marine engine electronic diagnostic and troubleshooting training
  • Cat c-18/c-32 training
  • Cat 3500 training - electronic engines
  • C280 & d3600 basic diesel engine course


Training Facilities

We have a training facility located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands. We have given Cat and MaK courses on a regular basis to our customers.



Interested in a training?

If you are interested in a training or would like to know more about specific trainings, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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