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  • Always be up to date on the status of the machines
  • Reduce the need forunplanned repairs and service
  • Increase the uptime of your machines


Cat EMSolutions is a collection of services where the main focus is on providing information, recommendations on measures and service solutions that ensure that your machine works optimally at all times at the lowest possible cost. It is undoubtedly more profitable to prevent, than to repair errors that have occurred. Mistakes often occur when you least want and expect it.

Downtime on machines can be prevented by always having an overview of the machine's condition and use as well as performing periodic maintenance and repairs at the right time.

Cat EMSolutions consists of:


  • VisionLink® subscription - web-based access to the machine's location and production data.
  • SOSSM oil and liquid analysis.
  • Recommendations from our technical team on maintenance and repairs.
  • Agreement on maintenance and repair performed by experienced and skilled Pon mechanics, and with original Cat parts at the right time and fixed price.


Our service agreements


Pon Basic - extended warranty


  • Repair parts
  • 3 year/1 500 hours or
  • 3 year/3 000 hours


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Pon V-service - simple machine maintenance


  • Maintenance service according to the machine’s maintenance book.
  • The maintenance is performed according to set service intervals. If the machine does not achieve 500 running hours per year, the next service interval will be performed as an annual service
  • Clear documentation.


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Pon Pluss service - Convenience all the way


  • Part warranty: 3 years / 6000 hours*
  • The maintenance is performed according to set service intervals. If the machine does not achieve 500 driving hours per year, the next service interval will be performed as an annual service.
  • The entire machine with the exception of tires, chassis, wear parts, bolted equipment and damage


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Pon Premium Service - Full control


  • Parts and labour are covered for 5 years or 8000 hours * (whichever occurs first)
  • The maintenance is performed according to set service intervals.
  • The entire machine with the exception of the chassis, wearing parts, bolted equipment and damage to the machine.
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Pon Full service agreement - Full flexibility


  • We adapt the agreement to your needs.
  • We take care of your machine, you develop your company.


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Whether you prefer to maintain your own machines or leave everything to Pon Equipment, our flexible maintenance contracts always give you the opportunity to concentrate fully on your core business. Our EMSolutions team offers tailor-made solutions to optimize the machines' uptime and reduce costs. We do this based on three levels:



Level 1


Level 1 ensures that you get information about the condition of your machine through various digital platforms as well as access to our expertise and experience. We analyze data from your machine in the first year so that we can predict harmful wear and pollution in the machine's systems. The results are available via My.Cat.com or VisionLink (subscription required).


Link to My.Cat.com 


Link to VisionLink



Level 2


Proactive monitoring of the machines and their productivity. Choose between Pon V service or Pon Pluss.

To take advantage of your machine's full potential, we recommend a subscription to VisionLink *. Then you and we will be able to monitor the condition of the machine. You will be able to optimize operations and see production data on your machine in the form of diesel consumption, alerts, hours, mass transfer, etc. Here you can choose Pon V-service or Pon Pluss.

* VisionLink subscription must be purchased separately

Level 3


Complete service where we take care of all service and you get predictable operation and costs.

By monitoring the machines proactively, you will always know how much the machines consume. You can also perform maintenance at the right time and thus minimize downtime. With the level 3 maintenance contract from Cat EMSolutions, you will benefit from close monitoring of the condition of the machines. When necessary, Pon Equipment will proactively advise you.

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