Mobiele scheidingsmachines

  • Gewicht: 6.5 ton
  • Vermogen: 28 kW



Connection power
Diesel generator
Material feed - feed conveyor
Loading area width
Loading height
Stone fraction discharge
Loading height
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
Transport dimensions central-axle-trailer
Transport dimensions semitrailer
Working dimensions central-axle-trailer
Working dimensions semitrailer
Total permissible weight
Clean fraction discharge
Loading height
Throughput (depending on material)
Hurrikan options
Diesel generator, magnet drum, roller separator, frequency-converter for suction blower, special suction channels, enclosure for vibrating feeder and much more


Patented separating system

The pressure-suction system gives extremely effective removal of light materials from screen overflow. In the first step, the pressure blower separates the material. The light materials settle onto the remaining fraction. In the second step, the light materials are pulled away by a suction blower.

Exact configuration for the task

The wide feed chute permits a 1200 mm wide screener conveyor and and loading height of 1950 to 2250 mm. Separation can be precisely adjusted for the material by means of blower speed, blower interval and air flaps.

With options for cleaning

The Hurrikan really cleans up with the optional magnetic drum and roller separator - round, heavy objects (mostly rocks) roll down an adjustable-slope conveyor to a chute and away



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