Mobiele scheidingsmachines

  • Gewicht: 15 ton
  • Vermogen: 20 kV/A



Diesel generator 20 kVA
Material feed
Filling width 1600 mm
Filling height Hook: 1975 (2475 with supports) Trailer: 2975 mm
Non-ferrous separation
Type Eddy current separator, type Eccentric pole system
Working width 1950
Ferrous separation
Type Over belt magnet, type Neodym
Belt width 600 mm
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
Transport dimensions Hook: 8185 x 2550 x 2600 Trailer: 10510 x 2550 x 3455 mm
Working dimensions Hook: 8244 x 9050 x 2600 Trailer: 10510 x 9050 x 3455
Weight (dependent on equipment): Hook: ~ 11.5 Trailer: ~ 15 t
Throughput (depending on material)
Throughput performance up to 60 m3 /h


Efficient separating system

In the expansion chamber, the airflow separates the material into a stone fraction and cleaned usable fraction, which conveyors remove to opposite sides. Fibrous materials are collected in the container downstream of the suction blower. Using the same principle, stones can be cleaned of undesired biomass.

Dependable function with simple maintenance

Separation remains dependable even with varying material properties, by adjusting the feed conveyor speed, blower speed and the separating vertex. Large access doors to the separation chamber and engine compartment plus a swivel-mounted suction blower make maintenance simple and convenient.

Mobile and economical

The single-axle trailer configuration makes the machine easy to manoeuvre, and it is approved for 80 kph (50 mph) road speeds, so transportation is no problem. The standard version of the machine uses grid power. As an option it can be fitted with a turbo diesel generator The hybrid drive design ensures low energy and maintenance costs.



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