Ballistor 10300

Stationaire scheidinsmachines

  • Gewicht: 9,75 ton
  • Vermogen: 11 kW



Power 11.0 kW
Dimensions (mm)
Length 7475
Breedte 4960
Height without inlet cap 1930
Transport Width (pre-assembled machine, reduction by decomposition possible) 4800
Number of screening elements: 10
Length screening elements (mm) 5600
Screening area (m²) 23.9
Weight, machine only 9.75 t
Throughput (dependent on material )
Throughput performance up to 160 m3 /h
Screening plates in various designs, perforation (30/50/60/80 mm) and material texture, central lubrication crankshaft bearing, automatic grease cups connecting rod bearing, fixed or manual inclination, in-feed hood, tarpaulin cover and more


Separation physics

The 2-dimensional fraction is shaken clean of impurities as it passes across the screen elements, and transported upwards. The 3-dimensional fraction is moved downwards by the ballistic movement, and removed. Variable hole sizes of the screen elements further sort the rising material to separate out the fine fraction.


A new drive system using an electric motor, crankshaft, and elastic connecting link provides long service life. Automatic lubrication options combined with electronic monitoring make the machine dependable even under heavy-duty operation. The sturdy housing simplifies installation, gives better access to the screen elements, and reduces operating costs by making it easy to replace the wear elements.

Low operating costs

The low power requirements of the simple yet efficient mechanism keep energy costs low, they are at 4 - 8 kW. Three screen element designs and a choice of different materials lets the operator select the best configuration for the task, to reduce the wear and maintenance costs.



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