Komptech Multistar 2-SE

Stationaire sterrenzeven

  • Maximale doorvoer: tot 150 kubieke meter per uur
  • Vermogen: 22 kW



Power 22 (Fine screen) or 12 (Coarse screen) kW
Screen unit
Length x width (mm) / area (m²) 5996 x 1250 / 7.5 (Fine screen) or 5863 x 1200 / 7.0 (Coarse screen)
Screen sections
Fine 8 ..... 20 10 ..... 25 mm
Coarse 30 ..... 60 60 ..... 90 90 ..... 120 120 ..... 150 mm
Throughput (dependent on material)
Throughput performance (m³/h) up to 180



The core of the star screens consists of one or more screen decks, depending on the model. The electrical drive of the star shafts with electric motors and frequency converters gives quiet, efficient and economical operation.

Particle size

Particle size can be controlled by varying the rotation speed of the star shafts. In just seconds the particle size can be changed within the range provided by the star size. The different star dimensions and arrangements cover screening sections from 8-150 mm.


On the Multistar screeners, the screen units are kept continuously clean by carbide, ceramic or specially coated cleaning elements, as appropriate for the specific application. This keeps wear to a minimum, for economical operation.



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