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About the Cat AP300F Paver


The AP300F is a small to mid-sized paver with a paving range from 1.75 m to 4.0 m (5.6 - 11.1 ft), making it a perfect fit for urban streets, cycle and walking paths, shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites. A reduction option reduces the paving width to 700 mm (27 in) for trenches and other narrow applications. Technologically advanced features such as eco-mode, auto-fill, single-touch feeder activation, and automated travel mode make this paver and screed combination extremely productive and versatile for large and small contractors.


Operating Weight - With SE34 VT 18078 lb
Tractor Weight 14550 lb
Operating Weight - With SE34 V 17637 lb
Truck Entry Height 21.5 in
Truck Entry Width 10.3 ft
Wheel Base 6.45 ft
Operating Height - With Canopy 11.2 ft
Operating Width 10.4 ft
Transport Height 8.6 ft
Transport Length 16.4 ft
Operating Length 16.5 ft
Transport Width 6.3 ft
Operating Specifications
Maximum Paving Speed 200 ft/min
Maximum Paving Width 13.1 ft
Minimum Paving Width 27.5 in
Maximum Travel Speed 10 mile/h
Gross Power 73.8 HP
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 29 gal (US)
Washdown Spray Tank 6.2 gal (US)



High Efficiency Powertrain

Advanced Eco-Mode
Advanced Eco-mode modifies engine speed to save fuel and reduce sound levels, leading to lower operating costs and better work site communication.
More Traction
Large, hydroflated, 365/80 R20 drive tires combine with the front wheel assist option to deliver 20% more traction for those tough working conditions that include heavy loads and soft base materials.
Responsive Steering and Travel Options
Three steering/travel modes provide alternative control options for paving, traveling, and maneuvering around the job site. Pave mode enables a paving speed up to 61 mpm (200 fpm), while travel mode offers a quick speed of 16 kph (10 mph). Maneuver mode offers tight turning capability for easier positioning in compact areas.

Automation Enhances Material Flow

Consistent Starting
Consistent paving starts can lead to smoother pavement. At the beginning of each pass, the auto-fill material feed system activates the augers and conveyors and moves material across the face of the screed until the material reaches the set points of the feed sensors. This consistency allows the operators to quickly fine tune the feeder system speeds for smooth material flow in front of the screed.
Simple Activation
Technology enhancements optimize operator performance. The material feed system can be activated with a single switch for quick setup. Each auger and each conveyor can also be activated individually in manual or automatic mode when certain conditions exist.
Advanced Hopper Control
Advanced hopper controls enhance operator efficiency by allowing more focus to be on the work site. The advanced control activates the hopper fold or retract function with a single touch. The operator doesn't have to press the switch through the entire travel cycle.
Cleanout and Warm-Up Mode
Simple preparation and cleaning can save time. The cleanout and warm-up mode activates the augers, conveyors, and tamper bars (if equipped) at slow speed enabling for the application of inhibitors that help prevent material build-up.

Comfort and Visibility

Water Resistant Consoles
Providing reliable machine control in inclement weather can be a challenge. The water resistant consoles provide excellent reliability and meet IP67 common water submergence ratings. The switches have been tested to one million cycles without failure. If a failure does occur, grouped components are serviceable and it's not necessary to replace the entire console.
Easy Recognition and Interactive Displays
Easy recognition and reliable controls help operators perform more efficiently. The raised switch design and adjustable brightness controls simplify nighttime operation, while the touch screen LCD displays allow for customization. Also, multiple language options and large symbols accomodate crew diversity.

Application Versatility

Fast Heating Screeds
The electric heat control panel utilizes touch-pad technology and LED indicator lights to create a user-friendly interface. Three pre-set temperature settings for each screed section ensure even-heat distribution and manual adjustments provide override capability. On-board diagnostics enable the operator to verify fault indicators.
Tamper Bar Screed
The SE34 VT combines vibratory screed plates and tamper bars to optimize density behind the screed. Variable speed settings for tamping speed and vibratory speed help fine tune the system to maximize mat quality.

Simplified Service

Quick-Change Heating Elements
The screed plate heating elements easily slide out for fast replacement in the event that a failure occurs.
Temperature Sensor Monitoring
The technologically advanced monitoring system automatically keeps the screed plates heating if a temperature sensor fails.



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