Cat D6K2 Track-Type Tractor

Medium Dozers

About the Cat D6K2 Track-Type Tractor


The D6K2 dozer is smarter and more efficient than ever. It comes equipped with standard Grade technologies like Slope Assist to make it easier for even less experienced operators to get more quality work done in less time. But intelligence is only part of the package – Eco Modes and a new power train deliver up to 17 percent more fuel efficiency, while providing superior maneuverability, faster steering response and greater capability to utilize full blade loads. This dozer also retains its optimal balance and undercarriage design for outstanding performance in finish grading applications. The D6K2 meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 emission standards.


Flywheel Power 130 HP
Bore 4.13 in
Stroke 4.99 in
Displacement 268.5 in³
Engine Power - Maximum - ISO 14396 157 HP
Engine Power - Maximum - ISO 14396 (DIN) 159 HP
Engine Power - Maximum - SAE J1995 160 HP
Net Power (Rated) - ISO 9249 130 HP
Net Power (Rated) - SAE J1349 128 HP
Net Power (Rated) - ISO 9249 (DIN) 132 HP
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 69 gal (US)
Cooling System 7.9 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 16.9 gal (US)
Final Drive - Each - XL/LGP 4.9 gal (US)
Engine Crankcase 2.9 gal (US)
DEF Tank 5 gal (US)
Operating Weight 29258 lb
Operating Weight - LGP 30664 lb
Operating Weight - XL 29258 lb
Shipping Weight - LGP 30058 lb
Shipping Weight - XL 28651 lb
Ground Contact Area (ISO 16754) - LGP 6912 in²
Ground Contact Area (ISO 16754) - XL 5070 in²
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - LGP 4.44 psi
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - XL 5.77 psi
Grouser Height - ES Shoe 2.2 in
Grouser Height - MS Shoe 1.9 in
Track Gauge - LGP 79 in
Track Gauge - XL 70 in
Track on Ground - XL/LGP 104 in
Width - Shoe - LGP 30 in
Width - Shoe - XL 22 in
Blade Capacity - LGP, VPAT 4.98 yd³
Blade Capacity - XL, VPAT 4.26 yd³
Blade Width - Over End Bits - LGP, VPAT 12 ft
Blade Width - Over End Bits - XL, VPAT 10.5 ft
Each Additional Shank 75 lb
Maximum Penetration - XL and LGP 14.2 in
Maximum Penetration Force - LGP 10138 lb
Maximum Penetration Force - XL 9480 lb
Maximum Pry-out Force - LGP 37480 lb
Maximum Pry-out Force - XL 37480 lb
Pocket Spacing 35.3 in
Shank Gauge 70.6 in
Weight - With One Shank 1863 lb
Overall Beam Width 76.8 in
Cable Ferrule Size - Length 2.63 in
Cable Ferrule Size - Outside Diameter 2.13 in
Drum Capacity - Optional Rope 220 ft
Drum Capacity - Recommended Rope 306 ft
Maximum Bare Drum - Line Pull 50000 lbf
Maximum Bare Drum - Line Speed 124 ft/min
Maximum Full Drum - Line Pull 26000 lbf
Maximum Full Drum - Line Speed 230 ft/min
Optional Cable Size 0.87 in
Rope Recommended Diameter 0.75 in
Winch Case - Width 29.1 in
Winch and Bracket Length 33.2 in
Drum Diameter 8 in
Drum Width 11 in
Flange Diameter 18 in
Weight* 2000 lb


Power and Efficiency

Powerful Drive Train
A Cat C4.4 ACERT engine with twin turbochargers is combined with a new hydrostatic transmission to give you improved fuel efficiency and the most power-dense drive train in its size class. The hystat transmission offers superior maneuverability, faster steering response and greater capability to utilize full blade loads.
D6K2 Dozer Power and Efficiency
Eco Modes
Eco Modes optimize engine speed, while maintaining ground speed, saving up to 17 percent fuel in lighter blade load applications like finish grading.
Reduced Idling
Efficiency features reduce engine speed when idling, or shut the machine down after a specified time, to further save fuel and meet idling regulations. Engine Idle Shutdown shuts down engine after pre-set time to reduce idling and help save fuel.
Traction Control
New automatic traction control is standard and automatically reduces track slip in poor underfoot conditions, improving productivity and finish surface quality.
Effective Cooling
Updated cooling package allows more air flow, reducing fan speed for greater efficiency. Hydraulic demand fan automatically reduces fan speed in cooler conditions to help save fuel. An optional hydraulic reversing fan offers automatic or manual modes for changing direction to blow debris out of the radiator cores.

Operator Station

Spacious, quiet cab offers all-day comfort with wide door openings and an air suspension seat. Ergonomic, seat-mounted joystick controls isolate vibration. Excellent visibility to the blade, curbs and tight spaces help you work more precisely.
D6K2 Dozer Operator Station
The new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is easy to read, enables Slope Assist, and is rear-camera ready so no additional monitor is needed.
Implement and Steering Controls
  • Single joystick for speed, direction and steering; includes thumb wheel for speed adjustment and traction control.
  • Dozer/implement controls give you 6-way control of the VPAT blade and allows power pitch adjustment. Blade shake feature helps shed sticky material.
  • Improved implement valve provides faster response. Intuitive, precise electro-hydraulic controls with sensitivity adjustment – fine, medium, coarse.
  • Rear vision camera (Optional) for enhanced visibility behind the machine.
  • Improved heating/ ventilation/air conditioning system cools faster; circulates air closer to the operator for more comfort.
  • New bi-directional control (Standard) – dial preselected forward/reverse gears for reduced effort and improved efficiency. Save the settings as operator profile for even more convenience.
  • Added comfort options like heated/ventilated seat and heated control handles.

Ease of Operation

Whether the D6K2 is a permanent part of your fleet or rented for the short term, operators will find this machine easy to operate.
  • Technologies like Slope Assist and Stable Blade are integrated right into the dozer to help even less experienced operators achieve a quality grade more quickly, and with fewer inputs.
  • Joystick controls are intuitive and precise.
  • Machine balance and undercarriage are designed for faster finish grading.
  • A rear vision camera is available to enhance visibility behind the machine.
  • Machine width and folding blade option allow for easy transport.
D6K2 Dozer Ease of Operation

Emissions Technology

  • Meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 emission standards.
  • Emissions technology that is transparent – no action required from the operator, no stopping for regeneration.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) use typically about 2.5 percent of fuel consumption – provides excellent overall fluid efficiency.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter designed for the life of the engine – no need to clean out.
  • Pump automatically purges DEF lines to help prevent freezing.
  • When refilling Diesel Exhaust Fluid, a tone will sound (with key on) when tank is nearly full.
D6K2 Dozer Emissions Technology

Integrated Technologies

Cat Connect makes smart use of technology and services to improve your job site efficiency. Using the data from technology equipped machines, you'll get more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.
Cat Connect services are also available from your dealership including:
Equipment Management – increase uptime and reduce operating costs.
Productivity – monitor production and manage job site efficiency.
Safety – enhance job site awareness to keep your people and equipment safe.
LINK Technologies
LINK technologies provide wireless capability to machines enabling two-way transfer of information collected by on-board sensors, control modules, and other Cat Connect technologies using off-board apps, such as our VisionLink® software.
Product Link™/VisionLink
Product Link takes the guesswork out of equipment management. Track location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, and diagnostic codes through the online VisionLink interface. Manage your fleet in real time so you can maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower operating costs.
GRADE for Dozers
Cat Connect GRADE technologies help you hit target grade faster and more accurately. Finish jobs in fewer passes, and with less operator effort, saving you time and helping you increase profit.
D6K2 Dozer Integrated Technologies
Cat GRADE with Slope Assist (Standard) helps operators more easily achieve the required main-fall and slope orientation of the blade by automatically maintaining pre-established blade angles for the grade. The system saves time, increases finish quality and reduces operator input. Experienced operators can work more productively and less experienced operators can achieve better quality results more quickly.
Cat Slope Indicate (Standard) displays machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor, helping operators work more accurately on slopes.
Cat Stable Blade (Standard) complements the operator's blade-control input for attaining finish grades quicker with less effort.
Cat GRADE with 3D (Optional – available early 2017) is a factory integrated grade control system that enables operators to improve grading efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in both production dozing and fine-grading applications. The integrated design positions antennas on the cab roof, eliminating conventional blade-mounted masts and related cables. The AccuGrade Ready Option (ARO) is part of the package for added versatility, and AutoCarry™ is included to further boost productivity.
Cat AccuGrade (Optional) is a dealer-installed aftermarket grade-control system that provides increased grading versatility and the ability to scale capacity to changing needs, providing a choice of lasers for 2D flat-plane and slope work, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) control for complex 3D cuts and contours, and/or systems using a Universal Total Station (UTS) for fine and finish grading.
AccuGrade Ready Option (ARO) (Optional) allows you to easily install or upgrade to AccuGrade 2D and 3D grade-control systems to add versatility and resale value to your machine.

Equipped for the Job

  • Rugged Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade allows you to hydraulically adjust lift, angle and tilt for precise results.
  • Wide blade helps you get more work done in less time.
  • Blade shake feature for easy removal of material.
  • Folding blade option helps limit transport width.
  • Power pitch option lets you easily adjust blade to optimum pitch for your application using buttons on the right hand control.
  • Optimized undercarriage – eight bottom rollers/two carrier rollers for smoother ride and improved finish grading. New equalizer bar design supports faster fine grading speed.
  • Choose Heavy Duty undercarriage for aggressive applications like land clearing, side-slopes or rocky terrain.
  • Choose SystemOne™ undercarriage that is designed to work and wear as a system for longer life and lower costs in abrasive or low/moderate impact applications.
  • A broad choice of track shoe designs and widths help you further optimize your machine for performance and longer life.
Rear Implements
To help you match your dozer to the task at hand, you can outfit your D6K2 with a multi-shank parallelogram ripper, winch or drawbar. A dual control package makes it simple to utilize either a ripper or winch.
D6K2 Dozer Equipped for the Job
Ask your Cat dealer for available options to help you optimize your machine for the work you do.
Forestry Arrangement
Specialized arrangement includes a forestry blade, hydrostatic winch, 360 degree guarding for added protection of the cab and a heavy-duty rear tank guard.

Serviceability and Customer Support

Long service intervals and easy maintenance keep the machine up and running to help lower your owning and operating costs.
  • Large, hinged door on the left side of the engine compartment for easy access to all regular engine maintenance points.
  • Larger access panel to engine oil filter and new panel for easy access to fuel filter.
  • Easy ground-level access to hydraulic filters located in the left rear service compartment.
  • Grouped maintenance and diagnostic points.
  • Ground level access to Diesel Exhaust Fluid fill.
  • Updated track roller frame design for easier cleanout.
  • Optional bracket mounts to rear of machine to keep a shovel handy.
  • Optional onboard refueling pump is designed to make remote fueling from a fuel drum safer and faster.
D6K2 Dozer Serviceability and Customer Support

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