Cat PLC and SCADA Control Systems

Cat PLC and SCADA Control Systems

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PLC and SCADA Control Systems

PLC and SCADA Control Systems
  • Auto/Manual control of generators and load breakers
  •     Generator monitoring screens (Voltage, Frequency, Amps, kW, kVA, kVAr)
  • Engine monitoring screens (Oil pressure, Engine temperature, RPM, Engine hours, Battery DC Voltage, Number of starts)
  • Generator test off load buttons
  • Test buttons for Utility synchronising
  • Generator and breaker alarm and event logging
  • Suitable for complex control philosophies using standard add-on instructions within a configurable base code
  • Modular system, can be scaled to suit any application
  • Simple interface with Modbus (RS485, Ethernet), BacNet and Profibus systems
  • Remote Access, monitoring and control



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