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When you choose products of high quality, you naturally also expect the best warranty. That is why we offer you a warranty not just on our products, but also on the services provided by our mechanics. Besides fulfilling our own warranty conditions, we also fulfil those of Caterpillar. This enables us to guarantee you complete certainty regarding your engines.


Pon Power warranty


When you buy products or services, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. We offer you the reassurance that all servicing will be performed by highly qualified mechanics. Besides a warranty on the purchased products, you also get a warranty on the services provided by our mechanics. For spares, we always opt for original Cat products, ensuring you of the same impeccable quality even after repair.


Caterpillar warranty


The Caterpillar warranty protects you against faults in products of a specific type or in products manufactured in a specific period of time. Combined with the Pon warranty, this will relieve you of all concerns. Still in doubt? You can also opt for an extended warranty or a special industry warranty



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