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Engine Conditioning


  • Avoid faults, engine damage and downtime
  • Extend the lifetime of your Cat engines
  • Only original Cat parts

Engine overhaul


Cat engines are extremely reliable. To keep your engine operating fault-free, avoid engine damage and minimise downtime, it is very important to overhaul the engine in good time. What's more, it will also prolong the lifetime of your Cat engines by 10,000 running hours. Pon Power is an expert at overhauling engines and has performed maintenance on thousands of Cat engines.


Ensuring the best care for your engine


At Pon Power we are there not just to maintain your engine properly. We are the people to see for the expert performance of everything from top-only engine overhaul to maintenance of the complete engine. With thousands of Cat engines under our maintenance, our highly experienced mechanics know the engines like the back of their hand. We use only original Cat parts that are always available within 24 hours. So in every respect you get value for money: quality, expertise and speed. We will perform the work aboard your vessel and right from the start you will know exactly where you stand.


Influencing the price of your engine overhaul


Nothing is more vexing than unexpectedly being confronted by high costs. This will not happen to you at Pon Power. We will perform the Cat engine overhaul at a price agreed with you beforehand.



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