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Do you want to work in a dynamic and exciting environment with Caterpillar products?


We are proud to have a dedicated and skilled team representing our products and services. Would you like to join us?  We hire passionate, friendly people and it shows in our culture. We hold ourselves to high standards and make sure our values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability come to life in the way we work. We make sure our employees feel continuously challenged while also supported. We provide professional growth opportunities, including leadership programs. 


We will challenge you, give you the opportunity to continuously develop own skills, inspire you with a unique and friendly working culture and give you the opportunity to work with products from a market leader.


Find vacancies in Pon Power and Pon Equipment: 


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Bølerveien 60
N-2020 Skedsmokorset
Pon Power AS (08-16) phone:23170500

24h Service phone (16-08) phone:23170500
Epost: [email protected]

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Opening hours: 08:00 - 16:00

  • Call Pon Equipment AS
    (for buyubg Cat maskines and worktools)
  • Call21 08 41 00
  • Call Pon Power AS
    (for buying Cat enginges and power supply)
  • Call23 17 05 00
  • Call Pon Rental AS
    (for renting machines and other equipment)
  • Call21 08 43 00

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