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The authorized Cat and MaK dealer

Pon Power is your authorized Caterpillar dealer, providing you with top quality solutions with Cat and MaK engines as a solid and reliable power source. When partnering with you, we select the power solution to fit your needs, and we will guide you through the planning, engineering and commissioning phases. You will be granted reliability, quality and adherence to emission regulations.


We also provide upgrades of existing power solutions to make sure that your current Cat or MaK installation is modified according to future demands.



Ship engines


Cat ship engines are suitable for everything from on-board power supplies to the complete propulsion of your ship. They include propulsion engines and diesel generator sets, but also engines for such purposes as bow thruster pumps, rudder propellers and firefighting. Thanks to state-of-the-art fuel-saving and environment-friendly techniques, you will help spare the environment and also be assured of high efficiency. Factors of at least equal importance for ship engines are high reliability and deployability. Ultimately, these are the factors that make the difference on water or at sea. There is always a customised solution for drive and propulsion. Ship engines are obtainable in a power range from 60 kW to more than 5600 kW and Cat diesel generator sets from 10 kVA to 6500 kVA. Get advice from our specialists about the best customised solution.





Pon Power Concept Explorer is a digital portal designed for Ship Designers, with the intention of making the concept phase easier and less time consuming. With Pon Power Concept Explorer we can offer simplified 2D GA drawings and 3D GA models, as well as technical specifications and performance data sheets for you to download and import straight into your project.


Our vision is to make interaction time between ship designers and Pon Power shorter by offering simplified downloadable and updated GA drawings through our Concept Explorer portal. 



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