Cat and MaK marine engines are known for quality, reliability and a long products lifecycle. Pon Power supplies ship engines and service for propulsion engines and auxiliary engines and gensets from 5 kWe to 16 800 kWe and diesel generator sets from 13.5 kVA to 17 460 kVA. With extensive experience in the maritime offshore sector, we offer new technology and sustainable solutions. We provide tailored soultions for our customers, as well as maintenance programs and service 27/7 -365 through our global Caterpillar service network.



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In January 2019, Pon Power launched a digital portal developed for ship designers (Poncept), where the purpose is to make the concept phase easier and less time-consuming. With Poncept, we can offer simplified and updated 2D GA drawings and 3D GA models, as well as technical specifications and performance data sheets which can be downloaded and imported directly into the project. Our vision is to make the interaction time between ship designers and Pon Power shorter and easier.



'PonShop' is a webshop for propulsion engines from 280hp up to 1000hp and aggregates from 10ekW to 550ekW. Here you can get an overview of engines on stock as well as prices. Visit our webshop via the link below. Or get in direct contact for a chat about what our Coastal and Aquaculture Department can do for you!


Contact us to learn more about our marine solutions:

Bernt Eidsvik
Trond Kvarven
E: [email protected] | M: +4748110841
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Pål Erik Ruen
E: [email protected] | M: +4799619261
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Thorbjørn Hareide
E: [email protected] | M:+4799108736
Vetle Cappelen
E: [email protected] | M: +4745124146

3Reasons to choose Pon Power

247 service en support
24/7 service and support
  • Telephone service and availability 24/7/365
  • Short response times on spare parts and service mechanics
  • Access to Caterpillar Worldwide Service Network
  • Warranty of parts and services performed by our authorized mechanics
  • Engine training and Cat courses
Focus on environment and sustainable solutions
  • Focus on environment and sustainable solutions at all levels.
  • Operating procedures in accordance to applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • The engines meet all the latest emission requirements (IMO, CCNR and EPA).
  • We are constantly developing new technical solutions to improve our environmental profile.
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Experience team and innovative technology

The Pon Power engineering team are constantly developing new product solutions to ensure a long product life-cycle, operational efficiency with lowest possible environmental footprints. We provide technical support and customer-specific maintenance programs 24/7 throughout the year. Our goal is satisfied customers who can rely on our premium products.



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Pon Power AS (08-16) phone:23170500

24h Service phone (16-08) phone:23170500
Epost: [email protected]

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Opening hours: 08:00 - 16:00

  • Call Pon Equipment AS
    (for buyubg Cat maskines and worktools)
  • Call21 08 41 00
  • Call Pon Power AS
    (for buying Cat enginges and power supply)
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  • Call Pon Rental AS
    (for renting machines and other equipment)
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