Sustainable and involved

We at Pon Power & Pon Equipment are proud to represent Caterpillar, a powerful brand with a unique history since 1926. We work hard to deliver and service Caterpillar engines, keeping our customers' businesses running and enabling them to be successful. That is why we say to our customers: we care about your business. We believe that creating a consistent customer experience is crucial to our business success.


At Pon Power, we also care for our colleagues. We believe all of us within Pon can and must contribute to ensure that everyone gets home safely, each and every day. “Act Responsibly” is therefore one of our most important core values when it comes to a safe workplace. Taking care of safety helps us towards a working environment where managing hazards and continuous improvement is daily practice.

Sustainability is also important to Pon. Pon takes its responsibility in the environmental field by actively working on making our offer in the market more sustainable and making Pon's own operation more sustainable.


  • Pon Power is certified by DNV according ISO 9001 (Quality), VCA Petrochemical (Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment).
  • Pon Equipment is certified by DNV according ISO 9001 (Quality) and VCA (Safety).
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