Sustainability & CERTIFICATION


Quality is a part of daily routines in all parts of the company through continuous focus on quality management. All employees contribute with knowledge and commitment to ensure continuous improvements in our processes. Our organization adds value to our products and services through a high competence level and high quality in the deliveries.



Safety is historically an integrated part of our organization, processes and services - ensuring that our products fulfill the highest possible functional and operational standards in whatever context they operate. We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that are safe and reliable.

As employees we put safety first by creating a work environment that promotes the health and safety of ourselves and others.



As a supplier of power solutions, construction equipment and related services, we are committed to being in the lead in environmental matters and in making our customers associate us with a positive environmental profile.  Our goal is to make environmental focus a part of the daily routines in all parts of the company.  We conduct regular surveys of our environmental impacts and establish action plans for relevant areas.


For more information about Sustainability and Certification, click the button below (Dutch content only). 

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