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Service & maintenance

We offer services to reduce TCO, optimise productivity and minimise standstills

4Reasons Why services from Pon Equipment

robuuste producten equipement
1Different financial options

You can rely on Cat Financial to deliver the best financing solution for your company. Our financing representatives are knowledgeable of Cat products across all sectors and will help you to get the most out of your investment. We offer you fast and simple financing, with tailored payment schemes.

ecologische voetafdruk
2Low emissions, less fuel consumption
  • Reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Engines satisfy all of the most recent emission requirements (IMO, CCNR and EPA).
  • Machines are built for a long service life. Old machines can easily be overhauled with new parts.
veel nieuwe, gebruikte en huurmachines
3Numerous new, used and rentable machines

As an official Caterpillar dealer, we not only offer you a wide range of new machines, but also a selection of used and rentable machines. As you would expect from us, our used and rentable machines are also of top quality.


We are constantly developing and refining advanced technologies to make your equipment more productive and more efficient, and to help you manage your machinery and your activities more effectively.

Reduce risk of unplanned costs or standstills with a service contract


  • Get insight in the condition of your machine with monthly reports to optimise efficiency.
  • Let us inform you about pre-emptive maintenance or carry it out for you to prevent high costs in time.
  • If desired, let us take care of all services so you don't have to worry.


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